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Become a Great Healthcare Leader Right Now


What does it take to be a great leader? It depends; answers may vary depending on the situation. When it comes to healthcare, there are several factors that contribute to great leadership.

Focus on the Big Picture and Be Prepared for Change

Each day in any organization includes countless details. This is true of healthcare organizations, too. It’s easy to get caught up in those details, but a leader has to understand the overarching goals of the company and allot their time to only activities that forward the organization. That includes eliminating unnecessary work and delegating effectively.

Change happens in every industry, including healthcare. Leaders have to take theories, frameworks, and models of leadership into account to ensure that the ever-changing healthcare environment provides excellent care for patients and a safe and appropriate workplace for employees.

Focus on Ethics and Integrity

What does it mean to be ethical? Opinions may vary widely, but it boils down to doing the right thing. It’s not enough for leaders to be ethical; they have to create an environment where doing the right thing is expected and encouraged. It’s important to make ethics a priority and ensure that expectations are clear.

Integrity, like ethics, is about doing the right thing. The absence of it can be the downfall of a leader – and an organization. Some people think of integrity as a soft skill, but it may be considered a human skill, which has the potential to save as many lives as technical skills.

Focus on One Goal

This relates to the big picture. Although employees have numerous goals during any given day or even any given year, it’s important that everyone is working toward the same overall goal, such as improving patient care. How do great leaders foster that cooperative effort? They employ a few important techniques, including leading by example, building strong teams, encouraging participation, challenging conventional thinking, and creating an environment of accountability.

Focus on Employee Development

People don’t become great leaders overnight. Healthcare leaders can help their employees hone their leadership skills in several important ways, including offering career counseling and in-house courses, expecting continuous improvement from themselves and everyone else, partnering with other organizations, and encouraging employee input.

Do You Want to Be a Healthcare Leader?

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