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How to Work with a Boss You Can’t Stand

Work can be tough sometimes. In some cases, co-workers may be the problem. In other cases, the working conditions may be particularly challenging. In either of these situations, employees may talk with their boss to try to make things better. What can they do when the boss is the problem?

Talk with the Boss

When an employee has a problem with a boss, a conversation may be rather intimidating. If the employee decides to take this route, few important tips may make it easier. It helps to use qualifying words, such as ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybe,’ rather than absolute words, such as ‘always,’ ‘every,’ ‘all the time,’ and never. Speaking in absolutes can raise a person’s defenses and cause resistance.

In addition, it’s important to remain unemotional and calm and give the boss time to respond. A boss in this situation may become angry or defensive, even – or especially – if there’s truth to the complaint. At every stage of this matter, it’s important to document everything, including how the boss responds.

Talk with Co-workers

It’s important to give serious consideration to the option of talking with co-workers before actually doing so. If an employee complains about a boss to a co-worker, will that person relay the information to the boss as a means of currying favor? In some situations, though, co-workers may be valuable sounding boards, especially if they share the complaints. Some complaints, such as not recognizing employee achievements, not giving clear directions, or taking credit for others’ ideas may be common among many employees.

Even when a concern is shared by other employees, there are some important points to consider before making a complaint. Can a complaint impact a performance review or the employee’s reputation? If the problem is minor, employees may choose to let it go. If it’s major, such as overlooking treatment errors or otherwise endangering patients, it must be addressed.

Time to Move on?

In some cases, the employee may decide it’s time to move on. Searching for a new job can be stressful, but a professional staffing firm can help eliminate that emotional stress. That’s because they bring three important factors to the table: Experience, insights, and confidential opportunities. As anyone who has searched for a job is aware, these three factors can be very valuable, especially when the candidate is very eager to find new employment.

Staffing agencies offer an advantage in this regard because they’re so popular with businesses. All of the steps of the hiring process take precious time away from a business owner’s existing obligations, and that’s why more and more employers are partnering with staffing agencies.

Ready for a New Start?

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. Whether it’s a problem with a boss or just a need for a change, we’re ready to work with you. Give us a call at 310.436.3650 today, and let’s get started.