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Identify a Great Boss in the Healthcare Job Interview

A great boss can make any job better. On the other hand, an awful boss can make a dream job seem like a nightmare. What if it were possible to identify a great boss during the interview process? It could be a big factor in helping a candidate decide whether to accept a job. Although it’s not foolproof, there are a few tricks to help differentiate a great boss from a boss to avoid.

Can you talk to employees?

Current employees have great insight because they’re already working with that boss. Some interview situations offer candidates an opportunity to talk with current employees. If that’s the case, take advantage of it. Ask what it’s like to work for her – both what they enjoy and what they find challenging. Don’t insist beyond what is appropriate, however. There may be reasons, like confidentiality, that prevent such conversations.

Even if there is no such opportunity to talk one-on-one with current employees, you may still learn valuable information during the interview process. Pay close attention to the interpersonal dynamics between your potential boss and other employees. Sometimes, what happens outside of the formal part of the interview can be equally important. Observe interactions that are casual, such as how the potential boss treats others who are just walking down the hallway.

Can you see yourself working with and taking orders from this boss?

In addition to the conversation that occurs during the interview, the questions you ask of the boss may give you a lot of insight into this individual and help you determine if you could work with him or her. You could ask to hear the career story that led to the boss’s current role – or ask about priorities for the coming year and how the person in this position will support the upcoming goals.

How about taking orders from this boss? Again, questions can be helpful to assist you in determining how well your styles will mesh. In this case, you might ask what qualities make people on the team successful. You could also ask how often the boss interacts with employees. Answers to this may vary, but it will help you determine if the environment would be comfortable and a good fit for you.

Do you get a great gut feeling?

You’ve heard it before, in a variety of situations, and it applies here, too: trust your gut. In some interviews, you might get a great gut feeling where everything just feels right; however, the opposite can also be true. What does it tell you if communication with you during the hiring process is unprofessional or disrespectful? How about if the workplace seems unhappy or the company has a bad reputation?

The gut feeling aspect is a factor all the way through. After each step of the process, ask yourself whether this is the job you want and the manager you want to work for. This can be especially true if it’s a dream job because being laser-focused on getting the job can sometimes cloud your judgment.

Time for a change?

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