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What Makes for an Awesome Surgical Tech?

When people are considering a particular career, they may wonder what makes a person excel in the field. With that information, they can compare their own skills to the qualities associated with excellence to help them determine if the field would be a good fit. For example, what makes for an awesome surgical tech? There are a few qualities that stand out.

Ability to Handle High-Pressure Situations

Surgical techs perform a variety of duties, including checking supplies and equipment for a surgical procedure, setting up a sterile table with the instruments and other supplies, passing instruments and other materials to the surgeon during the procedure, and assisting other members of the surgical team with cleaning the room.

Some tasks are routine, but when your patient comes in, the gears change…and your mentality goes from relative mundaneness to a certain hypersensitivity. Someone could die if you make a mistake. Also, you may have two of the same types of surgery, but they’ll never be the same. That’s why it’s important for surgical techs to have the ability to handle high-pressure situations. This is not the job for someone who requires predictability, routine, and a calm environment.

Ability to Handle Working in a Surgical Environment

Clearly, the ability to handle working in a surgical environment is important for this career. In a broader sense, surgical techs have options when it comes to their working environment. Although most surgical techs work in hospitals, others work in outpatient surgical centers, private physician offices, dental offices, or other settings.

In each environment, surgical technologists work as members of a healthcare team alongside doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Surgical techs may work solo when prepping instruments and materials for surgery, and they work as part of the team during surgery, so it’s important for them to be comfortable working in both situations.

Work Non-Conventional Hours as Required

Most surgical technologists work full time. Surgical technologists employed in hospitals may work or be on call during nights, weekends, and holidays. They may also be required to work shifts lasting longer than eight hours. However, there are exceptions to this, depending on the particular work environment. For example, if a surgical tech works in a doctor’s office or outpatient surgical center that is open during the day, the hours will be limited according to the office hours.

Desire to Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Surgical techs perform a variety of essential tasks before, during, and after surgery. They help ensure that operations go safely and smoothly and that procedures are done under conditions that maximize patient safety. These tasks are mostly behind the scenes, and patients may not even be aware of them, but surgical techs also comfort and reassure patients before and after operations. For patients who are nervous, worried, or scared, that means so much.

Is This the Career for You?

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