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Surgical Tech Duties: After the Surgery

Surgical techs are very important members of any operating room team. Just as they have specific duties before and during surgery, they have crucial tasks to complete after surgery, as well.

Duties after surgery

When an operation is drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean the surgical tech’s duties are complete. The surgical tech might be responsible for applying dressings to wounds and incision sites, preparing the patient for transport, and moving the patient to the recovery room. In addition, the surgical tech, along with the circulating nurse, counts tools and supplies to ensure nothing was left in the patient during surgery.

Reducing the risk of infection is a big part of the surgical tech’s job before, during, and after surgery. That’s why the surgical tech is part of the team that cleans the OR after surgery, alongside housekeeping staff and nurses. This includes returning instruments to sterile processing so they can be cleaned for the next surgery.

Part of a team

People who work in the operating room are often referred to as members of the OR team. This is not surprising because they must work together to care for the patient in surgery. Each person has specific duties; as a member of the team, the surgical tech must be able to work with the others in close proximity, listen, and follow instructions. The procedure is dependent on each person’s ability to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team.

When it comes to finding a team, surgical techs have some options. Many surgical techs work in hospital operating rooms, but other options include central sterile processing departments, outpatient surgical units, medical companies as sales representatives, physicians’ offices, cardiac catheterization units, and endoscopic departments.

Soft skills are important

Technical skills are important in healthcare, but non-technical skills, sometimes known as soft skills, are essential, too. Certain soft skills are particularly important for surgical techs. Given the surgical tech’s duties before, during, and after surgery, many of these may seem obvious. In addition to being able to multitask and think critically, surgical techs must have integrity and be detail oriented.

In addition, surgical techs must have good active listening skills; this is important because they must be able to understand and process instructions in the operating room even when the pressure is on. Problem-solving skills are important, too; surgical techs have to be on alert for problems at all times, and when problems arise, they have to put their skills to work to solve them.

We value surgical techs

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