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Which Personality Traits Lead to the Best Surgical Techs?

With most jobs, certain characteristics can be predictors of success, while other traits may be hindrances. The same is true with the surgical technology field. What traits are associated with success in this field?

  • Active Listening
  • Motor Skills
  • Good with Machines
  • Staying Grounded in High-Pressure Situations
  • Being Part of a Team

Active listening during surgery

Surgery can, literally, be a life or death situation. That’s why communication is critically important in the operating room. A surgical tech’s ability to listen and follow instructions is vital to the success of the surgery. The ability to communicate effectively and clearly is important, as well. One misunderstanding or misinterpretation in the operating room can have dire consequences.

Over time, and with experience, a surgical tech will become more familiar with particular surgeons and other staff members, as well as with different types of surgery. This is a very useful skill, especially because it helps the surgical tech learn to anticipate the needs of the medical team and the patient. It’s important to note that this doesn’t replace active listening; it enhances it and helps the tech to be prepared.

Fine motor skills/good with machines

Precision is key in the operating room, and a surgical tech’s fine motor skills will be tested at every turn. This includes operating, adjusting, and troubleshooting equipment, as well as selecting, passing, and manipulating surgical instruments.

The surgical technologist’s fine motor skills continue even after the surgery is over. Surgical technologists may apply bandages and other dressings to the incision site. They may also help transfer patients to recovery rooms and restock operating rooms after a procedure.

Stay grounded and logical in high-pressure situations

This is not the job for someone who shies away from pressure and unravels when the heat is on. Even the most routine procedure may quickly become a matter of life and death if complications arise. It’s essential for surgical techs to remain calm and focused, no matter how simple or complex a procedure may be. Nervous energy can become infectious in an operating room, and that can make mistakes more likely.

As the doctor finishes the surgery, surgical techs perform a count of sponges, needles, and other materials used after each layer closure; this is vital to ensure that nothing is left in the patient. Every aspect of a surgical tech’s job requires the individual to be grounded and logical, and this is no exception. Counting sponges and other items are critical because any items that are left in the patient can cause severe complications or even death.

Enjoy being part of a team that has a big effect

Some jobs offer great personal satisfaction but little in the sense of being part of a team. That’s not the case for surgical techs. What better motivation is there than knowing you’re helping save lives, making a difference, and improving your patients’ quality of life during every shift?

Your new career?

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