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You Know Where You Want to Work – Here’s How to Get a Job There

Maybe a friend works there and loves it. Maybe you have a lifelong dream to work there. You know where you want to work, and now you just need a job offer. We can help with that.

Referral from a current employee

When a company or organization lists a particular job, they may receive a flood of resumes. And most of those resumes end up in the recycling bin. Did you know that being referred by someone at the company boosts your chance of successfully landing a job as high as nearly 7%? That’s a statistically significant bump. If you know a current employee, reach out with an email that your contact can forward directly to the hiring manager.

Referral to a hiring manager

If you know someone who knows the hiring manager, this is a great time to reach out to that person. If the individual agrees, note the referral in your cover letter; it’s a built-in recommendation for the job. It’s even better when the person referring you can take a couple of minutes to personally mention you to the hiring manager.

Use a recruiter

A job search can be tough, disheartening, frustrating – and lonely. But you actually have an ally out there: recruiters. Their goal is to fill an open position with the right person. If they think you’re that person, they can be a huge help in getting your resume to the top of the hiring manager’s pile.

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees when working with a recruiter, but it can help with insider information, finding job openings you don’t see elsewhere, and landing your resume to the top of the pile. This type of information can be particularly helpful when you’re targeting a specific company.

Be proactive with your applications

Have you ever gone to a job fair? If not, this is a great time to start. Employers participate in them because they often find solid candidates there. There are a few advantages – for you and the employer. Meeting in person is helpful; it’s like an on-the-spot interview.

While you’re being proactive, be careful that you don’t cross the line to desperation. It’s easy to do, especially if you’ve been unemployed for a while or are getting frustrated with the process. Avoid being negative or cynical, and don’t beg for a job. Be professional, and be aware of how you present yourself at every point during the process, including on the phone.

Overqualified? Take it, and work your way up

If you want to work for a particular organization, keep on top of their job listings. If you find a job, but you’re overqualified, apply anyway. Think about the potential to work your way up. Be careful that you don’t misrepresent yourself; a functional resume may be helpful because relevant skills are pumped up in detail toward the top of the resume.

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