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Rehiring a Previous Employee Has Benefits and Drawbacks

You have a pile of resumes on your desk, and you begin scanning them as you work to fill the vacancy at your organization. A few resumes in, you come across a familiar name: it’s a former employee. Would you consider rehiring this person? There are benefits and drawbacks associated with rehiring a former employee.

Benefits of hiring a former employee

Former employees who return to work for the same organization are sometimes known as boomerang employees. They can have a renewed sense of commitment and gratitude for the second opportunity to work for the organization. In some cases, they turn out to be the most dedicated and engaged employees.

The former employee’s familiarity with the business can be another bonus. Since less time would need to be spent training about the organization in general, more focus can be put toward training for the new role, objectives, and goals. In addition, you may find that the boomerang employee boosts morale among existing staff members, especially if the individual returned because the new place of employment wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – or if there have been improvements in processes, quality of work, and management.

Drawbacks of hiring a former employee

Just as there can be benefits of hiring a former employee, there can be drawbacks, as well. If an employee quit once before, there’s always the risk they’ll do it again. For many organizations, this is one of the main stumbling blocks when it comes to boomerang employees. Another is the fear that the employee will hold old grudges or cling to old processes and systems.

Another drawback is that the boomerang employee may feel entitled. They’re considered new hires, especially if they’ve been outside the organization for a long time, but they may disagree and expect perks, seniority, or increased compensation from their original tenure.

Considerations regarding boomerang hires

Some companies and organizations welcome former employees with open arms, and others may prefer not to hire them. However, in many cases, it comes down to that particular person and the circumstances of the departure and the vacancy. There are a few points to consider: why did the employee leave in the first place? Is this candidate a good fit for this particular position?

Then take it a few steps further. What will this person bring to the job? And how will the team react to this hire? All of these questions are important, and the answers will be unique based on the situation. One boomerang may have left on very bad terms, not be a good fit for the position, and not fit in well with the current team, so that person may not even make it to the interview process. However, another may have left on good terms, be a great fit for the new position, bring appropriate new experience to the job, and enjoy a warm welcome from the team. That rehire could be a win for everyone.

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