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Why Should You Consider a Surgical Tech Career in 2018?

What are your hopes and dreams for 2018 and beyond? Are you searching for a career in the healthcare field? Do you want to help people, make a difference, and earn a good salary? If so, you should consider a career as a surgical tech.

Benefits of a surgical tech career

Some people make a difference in other people’s lives during a regular workday. Surgical techs are a good example of this. They are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients. As a result, they make a difference every day.

There are other benefits, as well. Surgical techs have the opportunity to learn about new technology and work as part of a team; every day is challenging, different, and full of opportunities to learn.


Surgical tech education programs provide future surgical techs with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in this field. This is accomplished through a combination of classes and clinical rotations; the coursework is rigorous because it is designed to prepare students to succeed in this important work.

Surgical techs have specific duties before, during, and after surgery, and educational programs prepare them for all aspects of the job. After completing an education program, a would-be surgical tech can take an exam to become a certified surgical technologist.


Starting pay for a surgical technologist is around $43,350. Most surgical technologists work in hospitals; however, there are also opportunities in outpatient surgical centers, dental offices, medical offices, and clinics. People who want overtime – and overtime pay – may choose a hospital or other facility that operates around the clock. People who prefer a more set schedule may be drawn to a facility that does not offer evening or weekend hours.

As with other careers, salaries can vary geographically. However, the average U.S. salary for a surgical technologist is $45,797, and some hospitals start their surgical technologists at $55,000. In addition, there is the possibility to specialize in this field, and people who specialize may earn higher salaries.

Availability of jobs

Demand in this field is strong and growing, and that’s good news for people in the field as well as those who are considering it. The job growth rate nationally for the position is stronger than the average for all occupations due to advances in medical technology that have made surgeries much safer, leading to more operations to treat a wider variety of illnesses and injuries.

There’s another reason for the growth: the Bureau of Labor Statistics also attributes it to the aging Baby Boomer generation. This population is expected to require more attention from healthcare professionals in coming years, resulting in an uptick in surgical procedures.

Is this the career for you?

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. Is this the career for you? If so, we wish you all the best in 2018 and beyond as you get started. We’d love to work with you when you’re looking for an assignment; give us a call when the time comes: 310.436.3650.