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What Is the Latest Technology for Scrubs?

Hospitals are home to many germs, and preventing those germs from spreading is a top priority for everyone. In some cases, technology can help with that.

Stopping the spread of germs

One company has teamed up with a provider of healthcare disinfecting products to create a line of products that addresses the problem of harmful pathogens harbored on soft surfaces, including scrubs. The product retains a shield of chlorine molecules when laundered in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered bleach. This innovation has tremendous potential to stop the spread of germs, and that’s good news for patients and healthcare providers.

Another product is bacteriostatic, which means it stops the reproduction of bacteria; it’s also moisture wicking, odor repellent, and stain resistant. All of these factors are important, and they can ensure that the scrubs remain cleaner while also looking professional throughout an entire shift.

Finding the right fit

Many people complain about the way scrubs fit – or don’t fit – and companies are working to address that issue. Until recently, there hadn’t been much change to the uniform over the years and fit, fabric, and comfort were on the list of common grievances for healthcare professionals.

Plus-size scrubs are in demand, too, and companies are starting to meet that demand. When one company introduced a line of plus-size scrubs, it had a positive impact on its bottom line. Just as with other types of clothing, when people find a brand that works and fits well, they may purchase more of it, and they may tell others about it, too.

Need scrubs at work?

In some cases, healthcare personnel need to get their hands on a clean set of scrubs during a shift. This may be true for operating room personnel, among others. New technology is addressing that issue, as well. With automated and optimized textile management, healthcare institutions can ensure 24/7 scrub and garment availability, while also reducing scrub and garment inventory requirements.

Some scrub-dispensing options allow healthcare personnel to select one size top and a different size bottom, and unique users can set predetermined sizes in the system to allow for quick retrieval. In addition, scrubs can be returned in the same place. All of these innovations make getting and returning scrubs easier for employees, which allows them to focus on their work.

We’re here to help

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