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Which Healthcare Apps Should You Use in 2018?

Apps can help with so many things, including driving directions, shopping, and weather forecasts. Their usefulness isn’t limited to our personal lives, though; there are various apps that can be extremely useful for people at work. Here are a few apps that have proven very helpful for people in healthcare professions.


With the Medscape app, healthcare providers can visually identify drugs, over-the-counter products, and supplements, look up medications and dosages, and find reference information on diseases and conditions. In addition, the app allows healthcare providers to access a drug interaction checker, medical calculators, procedure reference, and formulary information.

Muscle System Pro

The Muscle System Pro app gives users a very detailed look at the muscle system. It offers a variety of useful options, including watching animations, revealing layers, creating notes, and sharing screenshots. The app includes a variety of tools so users can make the app work in different ways, depending on the particular situation; it also offers an audio feature so users can listen to pronunciations.


The Epocrates app offers a variety of functions, including checking for drug interactions, communicating securely with colleagues, identifying pills, accessing treatment information, and consulting disease content. The app also provides information about coding, alternative medicine, and labs.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary

The Taber’s Medical Dictionary app offers 65,000 detailed entries, and it features photos, illustrations, and videos, as well as audio pronunciations. In addition, it includes extensive cross-linking between terms, which can be very helpful, especially when sharing information with patients or family members and explaining complex conditions.

Med Mnemonics

The Med Mnemonics app, as the name implies, is built on the concept of using mnemonics to remember information. This app uses 1,796 clever acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks to help you remember essential information, covering topics ranging from anatomy and biochemistry to pharmacology and surgery. As an added bonus, the database is fully searchable and can be filtered by discipline and by system.

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