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Do Surgical Tech Specialists Make More Money?

A surgical tech is a very important member of the operating room team. Surgical techs have duties before, during, and after surgery, and all of these duties are critical to providing excellent care and ensuring that the operating room runs smoothly. Many surgical techs choose to specialize; this can lead to additional responsibilities, as well as higher pay.

Higher salary

Surgical tech salaries may vary from state to state and even from one facility to another; however, even if you are just starting out as a surgical tech, the salary and benefits are fantastic.

That’s good news for anyone considering a career in this field, and there’s additional good news for anyone who decides to specialize: with advanced training, surgical techs can make much more.

In other words, keeping up with new developments in a specialized field will put you at the head of your game. Choosing an in-demand specialty area will definitely advance your career and salary options. This may be especially attractive for someone who wants to work as a surgical tech but is also drawn to a particular specialty: You can do both.

Ways to specialize

Surgical techs who wish to specialize can choose a medical specialty, such as cardiology, neurology, or pediatrics, and take additional training in that area. However, they can also take additional training in the surgical tech field to move into a supervisory role. In addition, some surgical techs choose to leave the operating room: they may go the corporate route, advancing their careers at insurance companies, equipment suppliers, or surgical supply organization.

In addition to specializing in particular fields, surgical techs can also add specific skills to their resumes. Some specialty fields, such as neuro, open heart, and vascular may result in higher salaries than other areas of specialization. In addition, certain skills, such as robotics for robotic surgeries, may lead to higher salaries for surgical techs.

Job security

There’s another bit of good news for surgical techs, whether they work on general operating room teams or specialize in specific fields. There’s job security based on several factors, including an increase in the Baby Boomer population creating a greater need for surgical technologists since the elderly often require more operations.

That trend isn’t set to change in the near future. About 15 percent of the population is older than 65, and by 2060, this number is set to increase to about 23 percent. The situation is compounded by the fact that more than half of American senior citizens currently suffer from at least two chronic illnesses: it’s evident that the demand and need for qualified healthcare professionals are set to increase.

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