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Is a Sterile Processing Technician a Good Job?

The healthcare field offers a wide variety of career options, including sterile processing technician. There are several factors that make this a great job; they also make it a very popular option for many people. Are you considering a career as a sterile processing technician? If so, the following highlights may help you decide if this is the career for you.

Job Growth

When considering a career, it’s wise to get a sense of the prospects in the field. If the career is waning, there may be little chance of finding a job; however, if the career is stable or growing, the prospects will be much better. There’s great news in the sterile processing technician field in this regard: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of the sterile processing technician is expected to grow 14 percent nationally, much faster than the average, through 2024.

For the most part, this growth can be attributed to several factors: technology is making surgical treatments safer, supplementary operations and procedures are being performed in greater numbers to treat illnesses and injuries, and the baby boomer population is aging, which results in greater need for healthcare.

Making a Difference

Sterile processing technicians make a difference behind the scenes. They’re considered unsung heroes in the healthcare industry. They work outside the limelight to prevent infections and other possible medical complications. In fact, their work is so vital that most modern medical facilities would have a difficult time functioning without them.

This work is about keeping patients safe and healthy, but there’s another component to it that is often overlooked. In addition to keeping patients safe, the position is vital in keeping medical staff safe, too; that’s why this career requires a vigorous adherence to sterilization processes on a daily basis.

Travel and Work in Different Locations

Some jobs are available in limited locations; they may be in certain parts of the country or only in certain communities. This is not true of sterile processing technician jobs; these jobs are available in hospitals or other healthcare facilities, which means that these jobs exist in many communities throughout the country and beyond.

Quick Education/Training Programs

Many healthcare careers require extensive education and training; that is not the case with sterile processing technicians. Training programs may last from a few weeks to several months; during that time, students learn essential information and skills, including methods of sterilizing, storing, cleaning, and inspecting equipment and instruments before and after surgeries.

Is a career as a sterile processing technician in your future?

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