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What Are the Salary Expectations for Medical Assistants?

When you are considering a new career, it can be very helpful to get an overview of the role, including the salary expectations and job duties. The position of medical assistant is a great example. What’s involved in the position, and what are the salary expectations?

What do medical assistants do?

In healthcare, most positions focus on clinical or administrative functions; however, medical assistants are cross-trained to perform administrative and clinical duties. As a result, a medical assistant’s day may include varied duties, including answering telephones, coding and filling out insurance forms, and scheduling appointments, as well as assisting the physician during exams, performing basic laboratory tests, and drawing blood.

As with any position of responsibility, the medical assistant role requires certain skills and characteristics. Medical assistants must know how to use personal computers since they have to enter patients’ information into the computer system. In addition, they must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Salary expectations

As with many jobs in healthcare and other fields, a variety of factors can impact salary. In this field, salary may vary based on geographic location, certification, years of experience, and work setting. Certification, in particular, can make a major difference in salaries in this field.

However, there’s an additional twist with this particular role. The combination of duties is important, and a medical assistant who performs only one type of duties will generally earn less than one who performs both types of duties. Those who perform patient assessment, perform treatments, administer medication, obtain specimen samples for testing, clerical and administration duties are among the highest-paid medical assistants in the country.

Benefits beyond salary

Salary is important, but benefits can be very important, too. Most medical assistants work in physicians’ offices. That can be a key factor for people who are seeking certain work hours. Physician offices have daytime hours, which can be a perk for those looking to avoid the overnight shifts and holiday hours that tend to come with healthcare jobs.

When the job market is strong, it can translate to job security for people in the field. The job market for medical assistants is very strong, and that’s a positive thing for current medical assistants, as well as those who are considering entering the field. In addition, many healthcare jobs are associated with a very high level of stress. There’s good news for people who are considering the field; medical assistants have an average level of stress. That can make a big difference in job satisfaction.

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