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Why Is the Surgical Instrument Industry Expanding?

Every industry can experience ebb and flow: there may be times of growth, and there may be times when the industry goes through a bit of a slump. For the surgical industry right now, this is a time of growth. There are three factors contributing to that.

Minimally-Invasive Surgeries

Even the name conveys how much better this option can be; minimally invasive just sounds better. And that’s just the beginning: because minimally-invasive surgery is performed without making a major incision, patients experience less trauma, enjoy shorter hospital stays, and recover more quickly. The benefits extend beyond the patients; hospitals, whose reimbursement is being increasingly impacted by quality measure and episode-of-care payments, also see significant benefits.

This growth is driven partly by an increase in the geriatric population, which is resulting in an increase in the number of surgeries performed on this population. Each type of minimally-invasive surgery, such as orthopedic or cardiac, requires specialized instruments, and that’s contributing to the growth of surgical instruments.

Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Surgery can be part of treating some chronic diseases. Let’s consider chronic pancreatitis; although surgery is not for everyone, patients with certain genetic predispositions may be better treated with total pancreatectomy versus lesser procedures. Chronic pancreatitis is only one example of the wide range of chronic conditions that may require surgery at some point.

Chronic pain is another example; however, surgery is used in rare cases, generally as the last resort. In addition, it’s important to note that chronic pain often has no identifiable cause, so it’s a viable option only when there’s an identifiable cause of the pain.


Unfortunately, some accidents also require surgery. For example, boating and diving accidents can lead to drowning in some cases; in other cases, they can cause various injuries, even paralysis. Surgery may be helpful in addressing some of these injuries. Accidents can result from a wide variety of causes, including fences, ATVs, ladders, lawnmowers, arrows, and even lightbulbs.

In addition, surgery is required for many people involved in automobile accidents. The most common types of injuries from automobile accidents are neck injuries, leg and knee injuries, broken bones, back injuries, and concussions. Surgery may be required for any of these injuries; for example, traumatic brain injuries and severe contusions might require surgery to alleviate any serious bleeding or pressure that appears on the brain after the accident.

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