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Change Coming at Your Healthcare Facility? Here’s How to Navigate!

Change happens everywhere, including in healthcare. Figuring out how to navigate it can be challenging, but there are a few important steps that can help you own the change. This, in turn, will help your employees navigate it, and it will help you maximize the results of it.

Why are company changes coming?

Change can happen for a variety of reasons; it may be to meet new industry standards, correct a problem, or reach a new level of excellence. It’s important to remember that all improvement requires change. The ability to develop, test, and implement changes is essential for any individual, group, or organization that wants to continuously improve.

Healthcare providers work to care for patients, and innovations provide them with opportunities to improve that care. Consider the options that were not available a century ago, or even a decade ago. Health care is too important to stay the same, and healthcare professionals should understand how to manage change when it inevitably comes.

Leadership should set direction on any changes in metrics

With any sort of change, leadership must do more than just go along with it. Leadership should set the direction. This is critical because, to adapt and survive, organizations must take advantage of every bit of institutional talent. But this can happen only if leaders first embrace the need to change.

It’s important to note that leadership must set direction, but leadership must also work to ensure that employees are part of the process. While a desperate need for change and organizational performance improvement may be obvious to the top team, staff can view that premise as fundamentally flawed.

Keep them focused on moving forward

After you figure out how to get employees on board with the change, you need to figure out how to keep them moving forward. It’s important for leaders to remember that change for the sake of change isn’t a good way to go. It should be logical and meaningful: change can be exhausting, so managing the process is extremely important for any healthcare system.

It’s important to ensure that employees have the training they need. If they don’t have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities, they’re less likely to buy into and remain vested in the process. While organizations must hire people with the inherent behavioral competencies, they also need professional development programs in place to build out these skill sets.

Share success of the changes

Change can be challenging, and there are several steps to get there. After figuring out the reasons for the changes, ensuring that leaders are setting direction on changes in metrics, and keeping employees focused on moving forward, you have arrived at your goal. Now is the time to give yourself a high five, but don’t stop there. Share the news, as appropriate, with all stakeholders, including employees, patients, the community, and beyond.

Are you ready for change?

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. Change is all around us, and adapting to it can be challenging. We’re here to help when you need us. Call us at 310.436.3650.