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Make a Difference in 2019: Why Surgical Techs Have a Career with a Higher Meaning

We can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When someone is feeling down, a kind word may turn their whole day around. A sincere compliment can be a game changer. Buying a coffee for the next person in line may brighten that individual’s entire day. What if you could make a difference in people’s lives during every minute of your career? That’s exactly what surgical techs do.

High level of job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is important. When you’re satisfied with your job, even a rough day might not seem so bad. However, when you’re not satisfied, every day can seem challenging and feel like an uphill battle. This career is honorable, exciting, and rewarding, and you can feel proud of achieving your goals. In this role, you’ll be a valuable member of a team, and you’ll be doing stimulating and fulfilling work, and that leads to job satisfaction.

Certain qualities are important for a surgical technologist; when these qualities are present, the surgical technologist is more likely to experience a high level of job satisfaction. These qualities include a strong sense of responsibility, ability to work well with others, emotional stability, quick responses, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work well under stress.

High level of meaning in the job

A surgical tech’s job is important. The role includes many functions, including preparing the surgical suite, helping the surgeon prepare for the surgery, handing surgical instruments to the surgeon, and transporting the patient to and from the surgery. Each function has a direct impact on the patient, and this results in a high level of meaning in the job.

Having a direct impact on the patient with every task makes a difference, and it explains in a nutshell why a surgical tech career comes with a high level of satisfaction, higher meaning, and the knowledge that you’re helping improve patients’ lives during each and every shift.

Make a difference in someone’s life while not being a physician, nurse, or surgeon

When people think of healthcare heroes, they may focus on the most visible people: physicians, nurses, and surgeons. However, many heroes, such as surgical techs, aren’t as well known. They have specific duties before, during, and after surgery, and each one makes a difference in every patient’s life.

Although the surgical tech’s duties vary, one responsibility is primary: keeping patients from contracting infections. It doesn’t just come down to keeping operating room surfaces and tools sterile but also washing incision sites, as well as keeping track of all surgical tools and instruments in the OR.

The future starts now

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