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It’s Almost Surgical Tech Week – How Will You Observe It?

What are your plans for September 15-21? Celebrating Surgical Tech Week, of course! It’s an important time to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments, and the amazing work surgical techs do every single day. Not sure how to celebrate? We have some ideas for you!

Think about Why You Love the Job

What drew you to this field? What makes you look forward to going to work? Do you love being part of the surgical team, working with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses to help patients every day? Some surgical techs love knowing that no two days are the same. Others take great satisfaction in meeting the challenges that can arise as they work to do their best for each patient they meet.

Many factors draw people to the field, and those things might be part of why you love the job. Maybe it’s the job security, the knowledge that you can work in any hospital or another facility that performs surgical procedures, or the security that you could find a job even if you had to move. These are all important considerations; they may be among the factors that piqued your interest in the field, and they may be part of why you love it today.

Share Your Story

How did you learn about being a surgical tech? Many people become interested in the field because they happen to see it mentioned online or hear about it through a friend. If you tell your story, you may spark that interest in someone else. Write about surgical tech week on social media or chat about it during a coffee date. You never know who you might influence to become a surgical tech.

You can take it a step further: reach out to the school where you completed your training (or a local school if you’re out of town) to offer to speak to current students about this career. This can be especially helpful if you work specifically in a surgical specialty area; your talk may be the first time students learn about that particular specialty area.

Celebrate Yourself and Your Peers

Surgical techs work hard all year, and this week is a great opportunity to recognize that. You can celebrate your work and accomplishments as you celebrate your peers. Get together with friends who are surgical techs; if you work with other techs, you could bring treats to share in the celebration of this special week.

This week is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate yourself. Which self-care strategies work best for you? Implement them in your routine so you can boost your well-being not only this week but forever. When you take care of yourself, it helps you be the best surgical tech you can be, but it also helps you be your best self overall.

We Celebrate Surgical Techs Every Day

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. We know how important surgical techs are, and we celebrate you and your peers every day. When you’re ready for your next assignment, we’ll be here to help. Give us a call at 310.436.3650.