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Besides a Hospital, Where Can a Sterile Tech Work?

Are you considering a career as a sterile tech? If so, you probably have a lot of questions, including where you can work. Many sterile techs work in hospitals, but there are other options.

Behind the Scenes

During a hospital stay, a patient may encounter various healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and more. They won’t encounter sterile techs, who work behind the scenes to perform critical functions in infection control and support the delivery of excellent care and patient safety in today’s modern medical facilities and hospitals.

Sterile techs are a primary line of defense between patients and infection. This role is crucial to the health and safety of every patient and healthcare professional. As a result, sterile techs are essential members of any healthcare environment. In fact, without sterile techs, healthcare facilities would be unable to care for patients.

Wherever There Are Patients

As a result, sterile techs can work wherever there are patients. Although many sterile techs are employed in hospitals, they may also find positions in outpatient surgery centers and other medical device-related facilities. The reasoning is simple: facilities that care for patients use instruments, tools, and other medical devices to provide that care, and all of these items must be properly sanitized so they can be used again.

Other options may include plastic surgery offices, outpatient care centers, and dental or eye care offices. When seeking employment, surgical techs should also consider assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, birthing centers, and other healthcare facilities that care for patients.

Always Making a Difference

Every day, when sterile techs report to work, they assume enormous responsibility: to prevent the spread of infection by ensuring all instruments are disease-free. The importance of this cannot be overstated, and that’s why they’re essential to any healthcare environment. Although they don’t interact with patients directly, they make a difference every single day.

Although it’s behind the scenes, the sterile processing department is the hub of all activity surrounding supplies and equipment needed for surgery and patient care. That’s true whether the facility is a medical office, a small outpatient surgery center, a bustling birthing center, or a big-city hospital. In every case, sterile techs work to keep patients and healthcare providers safe and protected against infection.

There Are Many Options

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