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Healthcare Staffing Agencies Meet the Scheduling Needs of Allied Health Professionals

What’s on your schedule? It might be that you want to work a few long days or several short days. Or it might be a bigger picture: that you want to work a lot now to save up and retire early. Or it might be something totally different: that you can be completely flexible about when you work, depending on location. Whatever your scheduling needs are, healthcare staffing can meet them.

Fit Your Schedule

Maybe you’re a parent, starting a business, or going to school. Whatever the reason, you have to limit the number of hours you work. And that’s OK: you can specify to the staffing agency that you would prefer jobs with lower time commitments. On the flip side, maybe you need to save a lot of money in a short time. That’s OK, too; you can request long hours.

Whatever your preference in terms of scheduling, flexibility may be the key. You’re not alone, and that’s partly why so many people prefer to work with healthcare staffing agencies. In fact, one in five people cite scheduling flexibility as a reason they choose ongoing contracting work. Their reasons are as individual to them as yours is to you, but staffing agencies can meet the needs.

Fit Your Location Preferences

For some people, the schedule can be more flexible if the location is right. For example, if you’re caring for aging parents, you may be able to open your schedule up if you’re closer to them. Otherwise, you may need more days off in a row so you can travel to check on them. If your location is important based on proximity to friends and family or for another reason, it’s important to note that early on in the process.

Let’s say your location preference is based on a particular hobby, such as visiting art galleries in various cities. In that case, your location might change for each assignment, but you’d want to ensure that you requested hours that would allow you to visit the galleries when they’re open. It’s important to make your needs clear: providing this information will help your recruiter find the right opportunities that fit—and save both of you time in the long run.

Make Lifestyle Choices

Your schedule needs might be totally different: you might be deciding whether now is the time to move to your dream city. Maybe you’ve heard that Raleigh is an affordable place to buy a home and that it presents an easier way of life in general, but you’d like to try it out for yourself first. With healthcare staffing, you could accept an assignment there as a way to see if you enjoy the area.

Maybe you’re focused on enjoying a particular lifestyle now, rather than waiting for retirement. Staffing agencies can help you do that. Whatever dream you have, whatever it is that is stopping you, quiet all that noise, and go after it. Why not enjoy yourself while you work and live your life?

Meeting Your Needs

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. What are your scheduling needs? Call us at 310.436.3650, and let’s talk about them.