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Myth Busting: Busting the Top 3 Myths on Travel Nursing

If you are a registered nurse, there are several reasons to consider travel nursing. Higher pay, traveling to new parts of the country, and other perks like housing stipends, all make travel nursing an attractive role.

If you are considering working as a traveler, here are three common myths, along with a few facts to consider.

Myth: Your New Coworkers Won’t Like You

There is some truth in this one. Your new coworkers know that, as a traveler, you are likely making more than them. This can create some tension.

It’s important to note that the budget for a traveling nurse often does not come out of the budget for the unit you are working on. It usually comes from a different pot of money. Which also explains why a unit may be able to hire traveler after traveler, but not be able to create a full FTE to hire on someone new in a permanent role.

However, just because you are likely paid more, doesn’t mean you can’t get along with your new coworkers. Traveling nurses are brought in to fill acute staffing needs. Chances are that the nurses you work with are grateful and happy to see an extra set of helping hands. A well-staffed unit can reduce burnout and compassion fatigue among the staff. As long as you’re willing to pitch in and help, you’ll likely feel like one of the team in no time.

Myth: Only Single Individuals or Those Without Kids Can Be Travel Nurses

While it may be more challenging to work as a travel nurse with a partner or kids, it can definitely still be done. Some individuals choose to take breaks between their assignments to spend time back at home with spouses or kids. Or they may be able to group shifts together to allow enough days to travel home for a visit.

The other option is to bring the crew with you. If you have kids in traditional school, you can consider traveling during the summer to avoid them needing to switch schools. If you’re homeschooling, then this likely isn’t an issue.

Additionally, with the rise of remote positions or other working conditions, such as teachers who have summers off, many families find it feasible to all travel together.

And with the housing stipends many positions offer, working as a travel nurse can be a great way to check out fun parts of the country and get paid to do so!

Myth: You Only Get To Work as a Travel Nurse in Large Cities

While large cities may have larger healthcare systems with more vacancies, rural hospitals need travel nurses too. If large cities aren’t your thing, then let your recruiter know so that you can work with them to find the right place.

Finding housing may be more challenging in rural parts of the country. However, healthcare systems often keep lists of places where travelers and locum tenens staff can rent. Your staffing agency is also a great resource that can help you find a place to live.

Truths of Traveling

While there are several myths surrounding working as a traveling nurse that make some nurses hesitant to give it a try, there are many truths that also double as great perks about working as a traveler. These perks include:

  • Higher wages
  • Paid to travel the country
  • Many positions offer a housing stipend
  • You may get other reimbursements such as hotel costs or airfare while traveling
  • Meeting new people
  • The chance to work across several different health systems
  • Knowing that you’re providing much needed help


And if you choose a reputable healthcare staffing agency like 365 Healthcare Staffing, you also get access to regular benefits, including:

  • Top pay
  • 401K
  • Health/Dental insurance
  • PTO
  • Daily or weekly pay
  • Referral bonuses
  • Holiday pay
  • Several working locations


Between the great pay and ability to have benefits, along with all the other possible perks, working as a traveling nurse is a great option to try if you’re looking for a change. And, if you don’t want to travel across the country, there may also be open roles near where you currently live.

Importance of the Right Recruiter

If working as a traveling nurse sounds like a good fit, reach out to 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. They have recruiters ready to help you find the right fit. Their recruiters care about matching the right healthcare professionals with the right roles.
They are there to answer any questions you may have. And, if you do accept a traveling job, 365 Healthcare Staffing provides ongoing support throughout your time working as a traveler. So if working as a traveling nurse sounds like a great fit, browse their open positions and apply today!