What Do Surgeons Want from Their Surgical Techs?



Handing instruments to a surgeon is an important part of a surgical tech’s job, but there are several other aspects of this job that are equally important. What skills do surgeons want from surgical techs? Technical knowledge A surgical tech has to know the operating room and everything in it. During an operation, it’s commonly… Read more »

Study: Latest Salary Data for Surgical Techs and Sterile Techs



Are you happy with your surgical tech salary? If you are, even a tough day at work can seem like a minor bump in the road. If you’re not happy with your paycheck, every problem or inconvenience can be a reminder that your sterile tech salary just doesn’t seem like enough. Considering recent salary data… Read more »

What Is the Latest Technology for Scrubs?



Hospitals are home to many germs, and preventing those germs from spreading is a top priority for everyone. In some cases, technology can help with that. Stopping the spread of germs One company has teamed up with a provider of healthcare disinfecting products to create a line of products that addresses the problem of harmful… Read more »

How Does the Surgical Tech Play a Role in Patient Safety in a Procedure?


Patient safety is a priority in the operating room, and everyone on the surgical team plays a role in it. Surgical techs are important members of OR teams, and they are integral to patient safety in several ways. Safety is a priority from the beginning A surgical tech’s educational program covers the material and skills… Read more »

Our Most Helpful Job Search Tips from 2017 for Allied Health Professionals



As we prepare to bid farewell to 2017 and celebrate 2018, we looked back on our tips from the last year. Here are a few of our most helpful tips. Latest salary trends for sterile techs in California Considering a career in healthcare? If you enjoy helping people, working behind the scenes, and staying very… Read more »

Why Should You Consider a Surgical Tech Career in 2018?



What are your hopes and dreams for 2018 and beyond? Are you searching for a career in the healthcare field? Do you want to help people, make a difference, and earn a good salary? If so, you should consider a career as a surgical tech. Benefits of a surgical tech career Some people make a… Read more »

Healthcare Jobs You Can Start in Two Years or Less



When some people choose new careers, they have a long journey ahead of them to reach their new professional destination. There’s good news for some people interested in healthcare careers: that journey may be considerably shorter. In fact, for some healthcare jobs, people can start in two years or less. Surgical tech Surgical techs are… Read more »

Surgical Techs Need to be Strong, but Not Physically Strong


What does a surgical tech need to succeed? First and foremost, a surgical tech needs strength, but physical strength is not what’s required here. In this job, a few different kinds of strength can help an individual excel. Strong sense of self Operating rooms can be stressful, especially during emergencies or major surgeries. Mistakes happen,… Read more »

Bilingual Skills Stand Out in Allied Healthcare


Language barriers can make everyday situations challenging. This can be especially true for people seeking medical care. When someone is ill, worried, or in pain, even strong language skills may fade temporarily given the stress of the situation. Background Our economy is global, and our communities are increasingly global, as well. That’s why bilingual workers… Read more »

What Does a Surgical Tech Do in an Outpatient Surgery Center?



Most surgical techs work in hospitals, but they can work in a variety of settings, including outpatient facilities and medical offices. Many of the duties may be the same, but there can be some variations from one setting to another, such as from a hospital to an outpatient surgery center. Overall surgical tech duties Some… Read more »