What Does a Surgical Tech Do in a Physician’s Office?


Most surgical techs work in hospitals, but people in this field may also work in other environments, including physicians’ offices, dental offices, or outpatient surgical facilities. If you are considering this field, it may be helpful to learn a little more about some of the different working environments. Working in a hospital Surgical techs who… Read more »

Which Types of Procedures Does a Surgical Tech Assist With?



Surgical techs, as the job title implies, assist with surgical procedures, but what exactly does that mean? What do they assist with? What are their duties? Let’s consider this role, beginning with how they are prepared for it. Getting started A surgical tech’s educational program will provide the solid foundation necessary for individuals to succeed… Read more »

What Is a Per Diem Surgical Tech?



Whether you’ve been in the workforce for a while or are just getting started, you may come across new terms. Per diem is one of them; many people have heard the term, but they may not know what it means.  What does per diem mean?  The term per diem has Latin roots. It means per day, and,… Read more »

What Are Different Job Titles for Surgical Techs and Sterile Techs?



  Searching for a job can be challenging. Different job titles can make the process more challenging. For example, if you are a surgical tech or sterile tech, you may find jobs under a variety of different titles. This is a handy guide to help you sort through them. Keep in mind that these titles… Read more »

Four Tips to Improve Your Surgical Tech Resume



Once you create a resume, you can just forget about it, right? Wrong. A resume should be updated, improved, and tweaked to keep it current and professional. Here are four tips to help improve your surgical tech resume. Keep it organized It’s always important to keep a resume organized, but it’s especially critical if you’ve… Read more »

How Can Healthcare Workers Avoid Back and Foot Pain?



Working in healthcare can be tough on the body. In addition to standing for hours during shifts, you may have to move patients and do other tasks that cause strain in various ways. If you want to avoid back and foot pain, we have a few tips. Stretch Everyone can experience tight muscles and stiffness,… Read more »

What Is Causing Distractions in the Operating Room?



In the operating room, even the most routine surgery can take a sudden and very serious turn. The most critical cases may even be a matter of life and death. In that environment, distractions are more than annoying; they can lead to errors that could cause severe complications or even endanger the patient’s life. What… Read more »

Which Personality Traits Lead to the Best Surgical Techs?



With most jobs, certain characteristics can be predictors of success, while other traits may be hindrances. The same is true with the surgical technology field. What traits are associated with success in this field? Active Listening Motor Skills Good with Machines Staying Grounded in High-Pressure Situations Being Part of a Team Active listening during surgery… Read more »

Thinking About Being a Surgical Tech? Why You Need to Go Back to School



If you are considering a career as a surgical technologist, you may have some questions. We’ll answer two of the most common questions here, so if you are considering this career, please read on. How long do I need to go to school? Although individual programs may vary, typical surgical technology programs prepare individuals, through… Read more »

Where Can a Surgical Tech Work Besides the Traditional Surgery Room?



Surgical techs have options in terms of where they work. Whether you are considering this career, starting out in the field, or have several years of experience, this information could be relevant to you. Let’s explore the options. Workplace options Not surprisingly, most surgical techs work in hospitals. Of almost 100,000 people who worked in… Read more »