Effective Questions to Ask While Networking

Who you know can sometimes be more important than what you know. If you and another candidate are both applying for the same position with identical qualifications, but you know the floor manager or several of the department’s staff, and those people think highly of you, you’ll likely have a leg up.  Networking can feel […]

Avoid Bringing Home Your Stress: How to Leave Your Work Anxieties at Work

If you’re working a standard 40-hour work week, you spend about a third of each weekday at your job. If you experience stress at work, it can be challenging to leave it behind — especially if you know you’ll be returning for another 8 hours the next day.  According to a 2023 report on stress in […]

Is an Oncology Based Role Right For You?

One of the benefits of working in healthcare is the number of areas you can specialize in. Many find themselves drawn to oncology as a specialization.  There are several reasons people find themselves drawn to oncology. You may have experienced cancer growing up or have a loved one who experienced a form of cancer. If you […]

4 Workplace Green Flags to Watch Out For

There’s a lot to consider when searching for a new position! Determining if you can see yourself happy in a role is important. Most individuals are familiar with searching for red flags during the job interview process, but what about green flags? For example, it is important to explore red flags such as whether the […]

Relocating for a Contract Position? Three Things to Keep in Mind

One of the many reasons healthcare workers pursue a contract staffing position is the ability to relocate and experience somewhere new. A contract position may pay a higher wage and help with relocation expenses, and there may be tax incentives, too, depending on the specifics of your situation.  While there are several perks to pursuing […]

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Career Change

The New Year means new goals; many individuals set big goals at the beginning of the year. It’s a time to reset and, sometimes, change course. Your goals may involve a big career change. A significant career change can be scary. However, career moves are often a great idea for several reasons. They can lead to […]