Myth Busting: Busting the Top 3 Myths on Travel Nursing

If you are a registered nurse, there are several reasons to consider travel nursing. Higher pay, traveling to new parts of the country, and other perks like housing stipends, all make travel nursing an attractive role. If you are considering working as a traveler, here are three common myths, along with a few facts to […]

Why Should You Consider a Career as a Medical Assistant?

The healthcare field offers a wide variety of career opportunities, and they all enable people to make a difference. Medical assistants are a great example; they undertake a multitude of administrative and clinical jobs. Have you considered a career in this field? There are several reasons why you should. Job growth It can be very […]

What Is Causing Distractions in the Operating Room?


In the operating room, even the most routine surgery can take a sudden and very serious turn. The most critical cases may even be a matter of life and death. In that environment, distractions are more than annoying; they can lead to errors that could cause severe complications or even endanger the patient’s life. What […]

Which Personality Traits Lead to the Best Surgical Techs?


With most jobs, certain characteristics can be predictors of success, while other traits may be hindrances. The same is true with the surgical technology field. What traits are associated with success in this field? Active Listening Motor Skills Good with Machines Staying Grounded in High-Pressure Situations Being Part of a Team Active listening during surgery […]

Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Healthcare Career?


  When you get enough sleep, you may feel like you’re on top of the world. How about when you don’t get enough sleep? You may feel sluggish, tired, and even a little out of sorts. It may have an impact on your work, too. What does sleep deprivation do? If you don’t get enough […]

Sterile Techs Need to Continue Their Education in These Areas

Sterile techs work behind the scenes, but their work is critically important in any healthcare setting. Continuing education is important for them, as it is for people who work in other aspects of healthcare. What does a sterile tech do? Sterile processing technicians are not directly involved in patient care, so many patients are completely […]