Be a Better Leader with These Three Tips

What makes a great leader? This can be a tough question to answer. However, when people talk about characteristics that define a great leader, a few key traits may be mentioned repeatedly. It may be helpful to focus on some things a great leader should do. Be Consistent What if an employee showed up on […]

How Healthcare Big Data Can Help with Prevention

What if it were possible to predict that a person would become diabetic within a few years? What if a doctor could diagnose depression before the individual even realized that they were struggling with it? Not so long ago, these questions might have sounded ludicrous. However, big data is making such advances possible. Putting patient […]

Get Better at Networking by Not Focusing on Yourself

The thing that often turns many people off from networking is how everyone who does it seems to be thinking only of themselves. It’s a belief that’s not exactly without merit. Many staffing services see it all the time: The ubiquitous networker who prowls events and conventions, handing out business cards to people they think […]

A Staffing Agency Finds the Right Fit for Your Company

Some people think staffing services companies are only good for hiring people for temp jobs or similar openings. But the truth is that a reliable staffing company, one with many years experience, is more likely to help you find the most qualified candidates for your job than anyone else. Here are a few reasons why […]

Get Your Cover Letter to the Top of the Pile for the Surgical Tech Job

Surgical technologists, also known as scrub techs and surgical technicians, play a vital role in the operating room. They handle a wide variety of surgical tasks, prepare the operating room before an operation and help the surgical team during the actual surgery. When applying to surgical tech job openings, a solid cover letter is integral […]

How Do You Know When You’re Ready for a New Healthcare Job?

It’s time to go to work. Sometimes, those words are just the beginning of another workday. Other times, they inspire feelings of dismay or even dread. Is it a rough patch or is it time for a new job? There are a few key signs that will help with answering this question. Time to Go? […]