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Get Your Cover Letter to the Top of the Pile for the Surgical Tech Job


Surgical technologists, also known as scrub techs and surgical technicians, play a vital role in the operating room. They handle a wide variety of surgical tasks, prepare the operating room before an operation and help the surgical team during the actual surgery. When applying to surgical tech job openings, a solid cover letter is integral to standing out from other applicants, serving as a tool to highlight your skills and qualifications. Here are some tips on how to create such a letter.

Sell your Experience

Experience is one of the key factors employment agencies look for when accepting evaluating cover letters, so be sure to place your work experience, training, and internships front and center. To work for 365 Healthcare Staffing, all surgical techs and sterile techs need at least one year of experience.  Focus on highlighting your experience in the surgical tech field, going over your responsibilities, number of years or months worked and other relevant details.

Start your Opening Strong

Your first paragraph — if not your first sentence — is a critical part of your cover letter and should be written to give the reader reason to want to know you more. An example of a strong opening can be:

“As a surgical technician with ____ years of experience in the industry, I would be thrilled to further my skills and experience at _________.”

If you were referred to the hospital by a professional or employee, mention this fact as early as possible in your letter.

Be Clear and to the Point

A cover letter should give recruiters from employment agencies enough information about your experience, qualifications and motivations for applying for the surgical tech job in just one page. The goal is to condense your profile into the most concise form possible, using your resume to expand on the finer details.

Use Action Words

Your cover letter should compel staffing services companies and HR executives to read your letter and proceed to your resume. To pique the interest of the people reading your cover letter, give your writing a sense of energy by using “action” words to describe activity. Instead of writing something like, “I assisted in organizing surgical instruments and machines in the OR” you should be more specific and write, “I maintained, cleaned and organized all tools and instruments in the OR.”

Make your search for a job in the surgical tech, nursing, and healthcare fields easier and faster with 365 Healthcare Staffing. Call us at 310-436-3650 to learn more about our healthcare staffing services.