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How Do You Know When You’re Ready for a New Healthcare Job?


It’s time to go to work. Sometimes, those words are just the beginning of another workday. Other times, they inspire feelings of dismay or even dread. Is it a rough patch or is it time for a new job? There are a few key signs that will help with answering this question.

Time to Go?

In some cases, the signs are subtle; maybe the work just doesn’t seem challenging anymore. In other cases, the signs are all too clear: Thoughts of work bring feelings of dread or there may be a lack of productivity or the feeling of being constantly distracted.

There are other signs to watch for. If work feels less satisfying overall, it may be time for a change. Any kind of harassment or bullying can also mean it’s time to start looking elsewhere – and it may be time for a talk with human resources, as well. How about spending more time recovering from work than having fun? That can happen when work is so stressful that the hours after work are devoted to decompressing rather than living and enjoying life.

Consider Options

For some people, this may mean leaving one healthcare facility to work at another or choosing a small practice over a large one. For others, it may mean choosing a different field in healthcare or leaving the field altogether. An X-ray tech may seek additional certification and a supervisory position. A nurse may decide to pursue further education for a career as a nurse practitioner. No matter what, education does not end on graduation day; people in healthcare professions must be willing and committed to continue studying and learning.

Other people may decide that it’s a good time to stay in healthcare but change the type of work. An individual who has worked in a lab may decide to pursue a career in patient care. If someone has worked with patients but wants to focus on studying how diseases develop, that individual may decide to go into healthcare research. Regardless of the function, the people who do best in healthcare are motivated by a desire to help others.

Creating a Game Plan

If it’s time to go, it’s time to make a game plan and stick to that plan. Do you have a base cover letter and resume that you can modify for each job application? Where are you going to search for jobs? Which connections are you going to talk to who can help you find a job? When you do receive job interviews, how will you address it with your current boss? Will you tell them beforehand or submit your letter of resignation when you land your next position?

Some fields offer limited options when it comes to changing jobs. The choice may be choosing one office over another. That’s not the case with healthcare. For example, nurses…have many choices of where they want to work, from big metropolitan hospitals to cruise ships to corporate headquarters to clinics in neighborhood pharmacies.

Which way to go?

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