How Is Remote Patient Monitoring Improving Follow Up?

When a patient is in the hospital or at the doctor’s office, it’s easy to monitor that patient, but what happens when the patient goes home? Healthcare providers yearned for the day when they could access that information. The future is here: Remote patient monitoring makes it possible to keep track of how a patient […]

How to Make Your Elevator Speech Unique

It’s like winning the lottery: Sometimes an individual finds him or herself face to face with the person who can make a dream come true. A great elevator speech can help it happen. What is an Elevator Speech? In some cases, those face-to-face moments happen in elevators; a good elevator speech allows the person who […]

What Can Surgical Techs Do to Prevent Retained Surgical Items?

Every day throughout the country, people undergo surgical procedures to address a wide variety of problems or issues. Unfortunately, during some of these procedures, a surgical instrument may be left behind after the surgery is complete. That can cause major problems for the patient. Background During a procedure, a surgical team may use numerous instruments. […]

Understand How to Effective Manage Millennials

The workplace can be a generational melting pot, including young people, people in the middle of their careers, and people who are nearing retirement. Everyone must get used to each other and learn how to work together. Millennials, loosely defined as people born between the late 1970s and 2000, now represent a large portion of […]

Should Healthcare Consider Online Training?

Getting a degree used to mean attending classes on a college campus. That’s still the case for many students, but others get their degree through online programs. What’s beneficial about getting a degree this way? What’s not so good? How do employers view online degrees? Pros and Cons In a traditional college setting, classes are […]

Keep Your Healthcare Staff Safe in the Workplace

Any work environment can have safety risks. However, people who work in certain fields face danger at work every day. Firefighters, police officers, soldiers and certain other professions come to mind. How about healthcare workers? They face risks every day, but it is possible to reduce them, with the goal of making the environment safer […]