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How to Make Your Elevator Speech Unique

It’s like winning the lottery: Sometimes an individual finds him or herself face to face with the person who can make a dream come true. A great elevator speech can help it happen.

What is an Elevator Speech?

In some cases, those face-to-face moments happen in elevators; a good elevator speech allows the person who wants to be hired to make the most of the time between floors. The idea of an ‘elevator speech’ is to have a prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words.

It’s important for the speaker to be himself or herself, but it’s also important to ensure that the elevator speech is unique and strong. It should make a good case, with clean, logical arguments and evidence to support the message. It should be creative: this may include blending thoughtful analysis with storyboarding to craft intriguing and interesting messages. The delivery should be authentic and genuine, not canned.

Start Writing

An elevator speech is a time to showcase strengths and talents. It’s not the time to be shy or to go off on a tangent. Steer clear of stock answers in favor of those that showcase your one-of-a-kind skills and attributes. Explain how you could benefit the bottom line or fill a skills gap. Be honest and avoid being phony in any way.

It may be tempting to list every accomplishment, goal, and award, but it’s essential to avoid that temptation. Include only the most interesting and relevant information. Think of the amount of time you spend in an elevator – usually no longer than a minute. Some people find it easiest to write it, then edit, edit, edit until it has been reduced to the essential elements.

Finishing Touches

After the writing is done, it’s time to turn to the speech part of the exercise. The pace is important; it doesn’t work to rattle it off because the delivery should be conversational. Eye contact is important, too, just as it is in regular conversation. Feedback helps; videotape it or ask trusted family members or friends to critique it.

Finally, enthusiasm is important. Writing and preparing an elevator speech can take time, energy, and effort, but all of that may go to waste if the writer is putting the audience to sleep between floors. It may help to think back to the beginning of the project: how did the elevator speech come up in the first place? When you give your elevator pitch, convey that passion to the listener. After all, if you’re not interested, why should anyone else be?

Going Up?

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