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What Should You Ask Before the Job Interview?


It’s exciting to receive a call for a job interview. In fact, many people get so excited that they overlook a great opportunity to make a great first impression.

Be Prompt and Be Grateful

Unfortunately, the call may come when the candidate is away from the phone. If the hiring manager or recruiter leaves a message, it’s very important to return it in a timely manner. Recruiters don’t have a lot of time to wait for you to confirm an interview time, so the sooner you can get back to them the better. Often interview slots are first come/first serve, so you want to be as prompt as possible to get an interview slot that works best with your schedule.

Between the excitement of the call and making notes about the details of the interview, many people forget to thank the caller. The fact that you were selected from…a large pool of applicants says something about your qualifications. But it also means that the recruiter extended you a courtesy in inviting you to interview with the company, so a thank you is in order.

Confirm Important Details

Even when candidates are fairly certain about where the interview will be held, it’s always wise to confirm the location. Interviewees may do this during the initial call or a follow-up call. Ask for the person who arranged your interview…introduce yourself and state the purpose of your call. Request the address for where the interview will be held. Do not ask for directions; obtain that information on your own.

In addition to asking where it will be held, it’s also perfectly acceptable to ask who will be conducting the interview and what roles the individuals fill in the organization. This helps clarify if this is a screening interview or if you are on the road to the offer. It can also help the interviewee feel a little more confident walking into the interview. If the candidate is expecting to meet with a hiring manager and walks into the room to find an interview panel, that can be disconcerting. A little knowledge can make a candidate a lot more comfortable.

Focus on the Position

In some cases, the posted job description contains highlights or focuses on specific aspects of the job. Ask for the full job description because it may be more detailed, and that information can be helpful. Highlight key areas and match your skills and expertise accordingly. The job description is a road map to assist you in asking questions during the interview.

In a similar vein, it can be helpful for the candidate to know why the resume rose to the top of the pile. This will help you define the employer’s needs. If you know what the employer’s key concerns are, you can better prepare by matching your skills to their needs. When a candidate can do that, the interview can yield a greater chance of landing an offer.


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