It’s National Surgical Tech Week: The Top Five Things We LOVE About Surgical Techs



During National Surgical Tech Week, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and really appreciate five of the best characteristics and skills we appreciate about surgical technologists. Ability to Learn New Technologies Technology is everywhere, including healthcare. It can make life easier and simpler in many ways; for example, technological advances will mean… Read more »

Rehiring a Previous Employee Has Benefits and Drawbacks


You have a pile of resumes on your desk, and you begin scanning them as you work to fill the vacancy at your organization. A few resumes in, you come across a familiar name: it’s a former employee. Would you consider rehiring this person? There are benefits and drawbacks associated with rehiring a former employee…. Read more »

What Does a Surgical Tech Do in an Outpatient Surgery Center?



Most surgical techs work in hospitals, but they can work in a variety of settings, including outpatient facilities and medical offices. Many of the duties may be the same, but there can be some variations from one setting to another, such as from a hospital to an outpatient surgery center. Overall surgical tech duties Some… Read more »

What Does a Surgical Tech Do in a Physician’s Office?


Most surgical techs work in hospitals, but people in this field may also work in other environments, including physicians’ offices, dental offices, or outpatient surgical facilities. If you are considering this field, it may be helpful to learn a little more about some of the different working environments. Working in a hospital Surgical techs who… Read more »

You Know Where You Want to Work – Here’s How to Get a Job There



Maybe a friend works there and loves it. Maybe you have a lifelong dream to work there. You know where you want to work, and now you just need a job offer. We can help with that. Referral from a current employee When a company or organization lists a particular job, they may receive a… Read more »

Which Types of Procedures Does a Surgical Tech Assist With?



Surgical techs, as the job title implies, assist with surgical procedures, but what exactly does that mean? What do they assist with? What are their duties? Let’s consider this role, beginning with how they are prepared for it. Getting started A surgical tech’s educational program will provide the solid foundation necessary for individuals to succeed… Read more »

Healthcare Job Growth Remains Strong in 2017



Everyone loves good news, and here’s some for people seeking a job in healthcare: job growth remains strong in 2017. This is important for the healthcare sector as a whole, as well as for people who are seeking jobs. Looking for a job in healthcare? Searching for a job can be tough, but it may… Read more »

What Is Causing Distractions in the Operating Room?



In the operating room, even the most routine surgery can take a sudden and very serious turn. The most critical cases may even be a matter of life and death. In that environment, distractions are more than annoying; they can lead to errors that could cause severe complications or even endanger the patient’s life. What… Read more »

Which Personality Traits Lead to the Best Surgical Techs?



With most jobs, certain characteristics can be predictors of success, while other traits may be hindrances. The same is true with the surgical technology field. What traits are associated with success in this field? Active Listening Motor Skills Good with Machines Staying Grounded in High-Pressure Situations Being Part of a Team Active listening during surgery… Read more »

What Makes for an Awesome Surgical Tech?



When people are considering a particular career, they may wonder what makes a person excel in the field. With that information, they can compare their own skills to the qualities associated with excellence to help them determine if the field would be a good fit. For example, what makes for an awesome surgical tech? There… Read more »