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How a Staffing Company Helps Surgical and Sterile Technicians Find Jobs

How A Staffing Company Helps Surgical and Sterile Technicians Find Jobs

How do staffing companies work? How can a staffing company help ME find a job? These are common questions. Many people are unsure if a staffing company can be helpful in a job search, or how a staffing company works in the healthcare industry.

A strong foundation

When an individual goes to a staffing company to find a job, the staffing company doesn’t have to start from scratch. A good staffing company already has a reliable connection to the work. In fact, it is said that the staffing industry is almost always hiring. Why? It’s simple: an individual with skills and experience in a particular field generally has a good chance of finding work in that field through a staffing company.

Each individual hired through a staffing company helps solidify the company’s foundation. That’s partly why it’s so important for staffing employees to be punctual, reliable, and courteous. When a staffing company hires someone, that person becomes a face of the company and helps pave the way for the company to work with others in the future.

A strong relationship

When a person works with a staffing company, he or she develops a working relationship with that company. In addition to communicating about expectations and job interests, the people involved will also discuss specific skills, specialization, and other job-specific matters.

These discussions help the staffing company find the right position for the person, but they also help the staffing company support the individual and follow up as appropriate. This level of communication is important because it helps the staffing company build that strong foundation, and it also helps when it comes to being a strong advocate for the candidate.

A strong advocate

When ABC Hospital is hiring to fill a position, a representative from the HR department meets with applicants to choose the person who will be the best fit for the position. It may be a long process, and, in the end, none of the applicants may be a good fit. That’s part of the reason why many hospitals and healthcare providers prefer to work with staffing companies.

When there’s an open position, a hospital may reach out to a staffing company. The staffing company can consider its existing pool of people who have been prescreened to determine if any of them might be a good fit for the position. If there is a qualified applicant, the staffing company then becomes that person’s advocate. Whether the opening is for a surgical tech, a sterile tech, a nurse, or another position, the staffing company works to sell the job to the candidate and the candidate to the client.

That’s where the importance of a strong relationship between the staffing company and healthcare facility comes into play. If the staffing company has placed a number of qualified candidates in the past with the facility, then they will receive phone calls more often because of their reliability in supplying great technicians, nurses or any other position needed.

We’re strong for you

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we have a very strong foundation. We want to build a relationship with you so we can be your advocate – whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent placement as a sterile tech, a surgical tech, a nurse, or in another healthcare specialty. Give us a call at 310.436.3650 so we can get started today.