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Relocation Sounds Appealing – How Do I Do It?

Relocation Sounds Appealing

Some people throw a dart at a map. Others choose a location based on specific criteria. When it comes to relocating, there are many ways to figure out where to go. What comes next? Without proper preparation, relocating can be overwhelming. Taking the time to lay the groundwork can make the process much smoother.


What’s the population of the new city? Does it have a strong economy? In this day and age, it’s possible to get answers to these questions, and many others, before a move. For example, nurses need to find out about licensure. Getting [a] license for another state can be a time consuming process and may take patience. It’s better to get the process started in advance to minimize lag time in finding a job and getting to work. (Staffing agencies can help in this area.) This may be especially important when the relocation is happening on a tight budget.

If a spouse and/or children will be relocating, as well, additional research will be required. How does the job market look in the spouse’s field? What about schools for the children? Similar to the licensing issue, these issues will require research ahead of time. Research and preparation can ease everyone’s transition to the new environment.


It’s important to begin establishing a network in the new city immediately. Friends can be a big help with that. It can be a simple note, “I’m moving to ABC! Do you know anyone there? If so, I’d love to connect.” This outreach helps with establishing a professional network, but it can also be a great way to make new friends. Spinning a web of connections can pay off in many ways.

Getting comfortable in the new city shouldn’t be a sign to stop networking. It’s important to keep working at it. If family members will be moving, too, it may even be advisable to move before they do. While they finish up the moving process, the new employee can spend time making connections, meeting people, and working many hours to get up to speed.

Consider an Exit Strategy

What if the new city isn’t right? Maybe the cost of living is just too high. Maybe the weather is too much of an adjustment. Maybe everyone just misses home. Even if things look very good, it’s always a good idea to keep channels open with friends, colleagues, and former bosses.

Relocating can be complex, partly because it involves so many details. Even if the job works out well, the new community may not. Having a partial exit strategy may help. That’s why many people choose to rent rather than buy right away when they relocate. Also, a larger city may offer more options in terms of jobs, housing, and other aspects of the relocation.

We Have Expertise for Scrub Tech Jobs and More

This is a lot to deal with, but we can help you with one important piece: a job. At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals for per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. We’d like to make your relocation a lot easier and less stressful, so give us a call today: 310.436.3650. Let’s get started!