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Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description


Job hunting can be very challenging. Many job seekers are unfamiliar with the concept of tailoring a resume to a job description, and others consider it a waste of time to customize a resume. However, it’s important to remember there may be numerous candidates vying for any given job, so tailoring a resume to a job description can give an applicant an important advantage.

Find the Right Words

Some candidates include a summary of qualifications, and others do not. If there is a summary, it should be tailored to the job for which the candidate is applying. A candidate should look at the job description, find the most important qualification the employer is looking for, and write the summary to show that the candidate has the skills and experience needed.

In addition to seeking a candidate with the experience for the job, hiring managers often look for the right fit. An organization that’s more formal and reserved may look for a candidate who’s also more formal and reserved. An organization that uses simple, staid language will have a personality different from one that uses playful words. Write [a] resume with a nod to the organization’s “personality.”

Link Requirements to Experience

Hiring managers look at numerous resumes, so candidates who make it easy for them to find the relevant information may have more luck than candidates who make them search for it. The most relevant information may not always be the most recent work experience. It may be some specialized certifications or freelance work. The important thing is to rework the resume so that’s what’s at the top.

Some job seekers take a creative approach to linking requirements to experience. One applicant sent the usual cover letter and resume, but she also created a table that listed the requirements and how her qualifications fulfilled them. The interviewer told her that the table got her the interview, and she later received a job offer. This is one way to do this; most applicants prefer to stick with the resume and cover letter. If that’s the case, it’s important to remember to focus on the relevant information.

Make the Most of the Job Description

The work experience or employment history section of a candidate’s resume can tell a hiring manager a great deal about what the candidate has done, so the candidate should make sure this section is as strong as it can be. It’s important to present an honest account of employment history, but it’s also important to describe experience to highlight tasks and achievements that relate to the job.

If a candidate is having trouble writing this section of the resume, and the job description for this particular job doesn’t yield enough information, it may be helpful to look at other job descriptions for the same position. They may be helpful with buzzwords and key phrases.

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