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How Can You Hire the Best Nurses for Your Team?

california-nurse-staffingNurses are important. They are the people patients see most frequently, so they play a key role in any hospital, private practice, clinic or other healthcare setting. When hiring a nurse, it’s essential to hire the best. Pay attention to these three elements to make the hiring process smoother and more successful.


In previous generations, people who wanted to be nurses had a choice about their nursing education. They could seek an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). With either degree, they could take the boards required to become a registered nurse (RN). Today, in many healthcare settings, only those applicants holding a BSN are considered for further review.

Why is that? One school of thought is that you can’t learn all you need to learn about nursing in two years. Another explanation comes from recent studies have shown that there are fewer patient safety issues if the patients are cared for by nurses with higher degrees, like BSNs.

Skills and Experience

When a hiring manager in another field is recruiting for a particular position, the language may be very specific so that people with closely-matched skills will apply. The same is true of nursing. One hiring manager explained that recruiting needs to be focused on the specialty needed. In other words, the employer must know exactly what skills they need and be able to advertise those skills.

The candidate’s nursing skills are important, but other skills may be important, as well. For example, individuals who enjoy researching, coordination and scheduling may be particularly suited to a position as a nurse case manager. Similarly, a candidate who is empathetic to the stress of surgery on individuals and families may be well suited for a position as an operating room nurse.


“Other” is a broad category, but it’s important to remember that education, skills and experience are only part of an individual’s story. What makes a candidate the right person for a particular position? Is there a cultural fit? How motivated is the candidate? What are the applicant’s long-term goals? How is the candidate’s interest level? Depending on the situation, certain issues may be a higher priority than others. For example, if the candidate will be working alone, cultural fit may take a backseat to other issues.

What is the candidate looking for? Younger workers especially are always looking for readily available resources to advance their careers – through mentoring and further education. If the position is a good match with what the candidate is seeking, that can be very important, for both parties. It can make the candidate more motivated, more satisfied with the job and more likely to stay for the long term.

Looking for the Best Nurses for Your Team?

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