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Down to Your Last Nerve at Work? 4 Ways to Stop Going Home Annoyed


Co-workers can be annoying. What’s the best way to deal with a co-worker when there’s a problem? Here are a few common situations and tips on how to address them.

Annoying Behavior

Sometimes, co-workers do annoying things. Some may be minor annoyances, but others may be a big deal. Either way, there are some strategies to help. Many times, people start out with polite hints to get the coworker to stop the annoying behavior. if that doesn’t work, a direct approach may be the best strategy. If all else fails, it may be time to talk with management.

There are a few other things to keep in mind. One is to avoid gossiping about the situation; it doesn’t help, it may come back to bite you in the long run, and it might change the tides and turn you into the annoying coworker in the eyes of your colleagues. Don’t let the annoyances distract you: stay focused on what you need to accomplish and to have a positive attitude at work.

Job Description Discrepancies

Everyone is asked to do things outside of a job description now and then. However, in some cases, it happens frequently. What’s the best way to handle it? One option is to be direct with others about your role, typical responsibilities, and priorities or current projects. On a team, everyone is expected to pitch in; the trick is to balance extra requests with actual job responsibilities.

It can be much more difficult when the assignment comes from someone higher up. In this case, it can be helpful to cite a need to check with a manager before accepting the responsibility. Then, go back and talk to your boss about the request, and you can decide how to handle it together.

Argument at Work

Co-workers don’t agree on everything, but some differences of opinion may turn into arguments. This can be a huge problem: in addition to hurting the parties involved, it may also cause a disruption for everyone else. The people involved should sit and talk, calmly, in a quiet place where it won’t distract others or drag them into the disagreement. They should take turns talking, and listen, actively, to each other. Even the tiniest bit of common ground may lead to a resolution. When the employees can’t resolve it, they may need to talk with management.

Why Is It Annoying?

It may be annoying when a particular coworker does something, but the same action may be completely benign when another coworker does it. Perspective is important: Are the things that irritate you qualities you don’t like in yourself? Or maybe the person reminds you of someone?

Even on the toughest days, it’s important to stay positive and look for the good, even in the most annoying people. It’s much easier to overlook annoyances when you can see the value the person offers.

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