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Part 1: What Does It Take to Work As a Surgical Tech?

Some children know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Some people wait until well into adulthood to find their true calling. For people who lean toward a healthcare field, it can be tricky to narrow the options to choose a specific role. In some cases, a few specific factors can help undecided people move closer to a decision. For people considering a career as a surgical tech, a few important questions may help make that decision a little easier.

Love Science?

A surgical tech, as the title implies, is part of the surgical team; clearly, this field is not for anyone who has an aversion to science. In fact, people in this field generally have a strong background in the sciences. Not a scientist yet? Not to worry: basic curiosity, a healthy desire to learn, and a willingness to study hard during a degree program can take care of that.

For a surgical tech, science is not just about abstract theories and concepts; it’s about combining theories and concepts with skills to provide a patient with the best possible care. The surgical tech combines scientific knowledge with expertise in the surgical technology field to facilitate a physician’s performance of invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Detail Oriented?

Some people are detail oriented, and others are not. Surgical tech is not a good career choice for someone who does not focus on details. In addition to sterilizing the operating room, preparing the appropriate tools for procedures, preparing the patient for the surgery, and handing tools to the surgeon, surgical techs keep the operating room sterile, count tools, and restock the operating room for the next procedure.

Attention to detail is important when it comes to a surgical technologist’s soft skills, as well. For example, it’s important for a surgical tech to pay attention to detail when it comes to solving problems and communicating. Otherwise, the surgical tech could overlook facts, forget about issues that arise, and miss red flags. All of these things could lead to serious problems for the patient; in some cases, if the mistakes were severe enough, the problems could even prove fatal.

Don’t Mind Repetition?

A surgical tech’s duties may be rather similar from one procedure to the next. That’s why people who hate repetition may find that this field is not right for them. Some people may love the routine of preparing the operating room, preparing the patient, handing instruments to the surgeon, accounting for tools during the procedure, and preparing the room for the next patient.

Although the duties may sometimes seem redundant, surgical techs never lose sight of the fact that each duty is for a patient. There’s a person, a life, as the focus of every task. This helps them focus on the importance of their work, and it keeps the work from becoming mundane.

Is This You?

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. We know it takes a special person to be a surgical tech. Are you that person? If you want to talk about it, give us a call at 310.436.3650 today.