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How to Find Your Next Healthcare Job on Social Media

There are many important job search tools, including a great resume, a well-written cover letter, and strong networking skills. How about social media? Although many people may not know it, social media can be a key part of a job search. Here are a few tips to get started.

Follow companies online

In this day and age, it’s common for businesses and organizations to have an online presence. In addition to a website, they may also have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and more. These examples of online presence can be valuable resources for job hunters. In fact, 92% of companies are using social media for hiring, and this can be a goldmine for job hunters.

Following companies online can also help job seekers gather information. For example, this can be a great way to research the organization’s culture and keep up with the latest news. It can also be a way to identify management changes; if an addition or departure happens, this may foreshadow additional hiring needs relevant to you.

Keep in touch with contacts and groups

Job search contacts aren’t limited to LinkedIn; Facebook friends may be very helpful in this regard, as well. At one time or another during a job search, a job seeker may want to reach out to work-related friends. Although classifying Facebook friends may seem like a tedious task, it will make it easier to reach out to work-related friends during a job search. This can also make it easier to target status updates to particular groups.

There are groups for an endless variety of interests, and some of them can be particularly helpful in a job search. If a hiring manager or recruiter wants to hire a healthcare professional, a social media group dedicated to that profession may be a great place to start. Also, active membership in a professional group helps build a job seeker’s reputation and personal brand. Finally, group members may be able to steer each other toward opportunities.

Create a great online presence

Social media works both ways: job seekers can search employers, but employers can also search job seekers. Some companies search candidates’ social media profiles to evaluate their character and personality. They may want to see if the candidate presents a professional image. If the findings are damaging, they may cost the candidate the job.

Candidates should take several important steps to ensure that they don’t lose out on a job because of a lack of professionalism on social media. The first step is to make sure that all public information on social media profiles is super clean. Also, it’s better to have a well-crafted, up-to-date account on one or two platforms than a bunch of accounts that haven’t been touched in years.

We’re online, too

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