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Three Tips to Deal with a Bad Boss in Healthcare

Work. For some people, the word alone may inspire a feeling of dread. Although some people enjoy their jobs, others deal with a lot of work-related stress. A bad boss can be a major source of stress. Here are three tips to help deal with a bad boss in your healthcare job.

Look Internally First

It can be difficult to figure out where to start when dealing with a difficult boss. It may help to start by considering if the entire problem rests with the boss. Many frustrated employees may be oversensitive to the criticisms and natural flow of their workplace. It may be helpful to try to separate emotional response from irritations.

Sometimes, a boss seems worse because the employee may judge the boss harshly. If that’s the case, even something mildly offensive may seem to be a major problem; in a situation like that, it may be helpful to take a step back and observe. When the boss does something “bad,” try to imagine the most forgiving reason why it could have occurred. Is it truly her fault, or could it be something out of her control?

Talk with Colleagues

If the boss is bad, other people may be feeling the stress, too. When the situation gets out of control, people may leave, and that can cause problems. Ultimately, it hurts…patients and…productivity to have this type of turnover. That’s why it can be critically important, especially in a healthcare environment, to support each other through a bad boss situation. Talking with colleagues can help an employee determine the extent of the problem; it can also be helpful for employees to share coping strategies and brainstorm solutions.

When employees talk about the situation, it can help them feel less alone in dealing with it. They can also pool their knowledge about available resources, including tips the company may offer about reducing stress, staff participation in decision making, or policies about workplace bullying.

Talk with the Boss

It’s very important to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. This benefits both parties and ensures that the situation does not stagnate. Imagine being available and receptive to your boss’s comments, and sharing your own needs in a non-contentious way…so you can both get the job done.

That can be tough, though, especially when the boss’s behavior is particularly awful. One approach is akin to being a parent and requires CALM. C is for Communicate because, again, it’s essential to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. A is for Anticipate problems, which is almost second nature for people who deal with bad bosses. L is for Laugh because it’s a great diffuser of tension and breaks barriers. M is for Manage up, which involves being a proactive problem solver, role model, and provider of positive energy.

Had Enough of Bad Bosses?

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