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Why Should You Find a Job at a Top-Tier Hospital?

Some jobs offer advantages over other jobs. Working at a top-tier hospital, for example, can afford employees amenities that may not be available elsewhere. These amenities can be incredible incentives for people who are looking for a surgical tech job or a new nursing position.

Better pay

This has universal appeal, so competition for jobs in these facilities can be intense. At one Southeastern healthcare network, it’s not uncommon for nurses…to make six-figure salaries, including overtime. Although salaries like that may seem elusive, they do exist. A California hospital ranks particularly high for nurses who specialize in cardiac or vascular care; they can earn up to $47 per hour. At 365 Healthcare, we offer surgical tech jobs that pay more than $40/hour and sterile technician jobs with a pay range of more than $30/hour.

Better Technology

In healthcare, as in many other industries, technology evolves at a rapid rate. Top hospitals keep up with technology because it helps them provide top-notch patient care. At one hospital, “smart rooms” automatically record and wirelessly convey patients’ vitals and additional information to the system’s electronic medical databanks. At another hospital, cancer can be detected earlier as a result of tomosynthesis 3D mammography. One of the most frustrating parts of a surgical tech job can be working with old technology that makes your stressful job even more difficult. Top-tier hospitals want to be the best and will make necessary investments.

Better Training and Education

In addition to taking any required continuing education courses, healthcare workers may also decide to go back to school for an advanced degree. Many top-tier hospitals offer generous assistance with tuition costs. One health system provides $4,000 annually toward tuition reimbursement for approved college courses and 100-percent reimbursement for programs in high-demand specialties. At another hospital, a “Grow Our Own” initiative promotes internal talent and succession planning. If you want to advance in your career path, continual education and training will help with that goal. The right healthcare facility offers that opportunity and will have a huge impact on your career advancement.

Better Co-workers

Great co-workers can make any job better. It’s important for them to be competent, so colleagues can rely on them to be part of the patient care team. Good care can reduce costs, keep hospital stays shorter, and improve patient safety and satisfaction. At one hospital system that is recognized for excellence, tens of thousands of employees across several states unite around a common mission and focus on providing exceptional care. They utilize specialty councils representing more than 40 areas of medicine to provide best practices in a variety of patient care areas.

Better Bosses

A boss can be a very important part of any job. A great boss can make even the most challenging job more bearable, and a terrible boss can make even a dream job far less dreamy. One healthcare facility is known for a warm and friendly ambiance, a great sense of loyalty, and a spirit of cooperation among employees. As in any workplace, managers at all levels can set the tone in all of these areas. Another hospital has a leadership and management team that bills the hospital as “the best place to be your best” and backs it up by fostering teamwork and promoting patient-centered care.

Better Access to Top-Tier Hospitals

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. As a top medical staffing agency, we work with top-tier hospitals, and we can help you find your next gig. If you are looking, give us a call at 310.436.3650 today; we’d love to work with you.