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Is an IAHCSMM Certification Necessary for Sterile Techs?

Certifications and licenses are common in today’s society. It gives people reassurance to know that the person rendering a service or caring for them or a loved one in some way has the knowledge, skills, and abilities – and the credentials to prove it – necessary to do the job in question. This is true for sterile techs, as well, and it’s not surprising given the importance of this job.

How can a tech get certified?

IAHCSMM stands for the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management. The organization offers various certifications, including the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) and Certified Instrument Specialist (CIS). The first step is to become a member of the organization, which provides training programs that help with preparing for the exam. The next step is to take the CRCST exam; after achieving certification, a tech can take the CIS exam.

Once an individual is determined to be eligible to take the exam, he or she can schedule an appointment to take it within a 90-day period. The test results are mailed soon after the exam, and if the person does not pass, it is possible to retake the exam. The organization’s website contains detailed step-by-step instructions to make the process user-friendly and easy to understand.

Why do employers value this certification?

The IAHCSMM certification is not just a piece of paper. It warrants that sterile processing professionals have the experience, understanding, and abilities necessary to work in sterile processing departments. The organization has a long history, and employers have come to know and rely on it to stand for a standard of excellence in the field.

It goes beyond the certification itself. The ongoing education required for professionals in the field to maintain their certification status helps ensure that they stay on top of ever-evolving instrumentation, technology, standards and best practices to keep their departments functioning at peak performance.

How can it help with career advancement?

Certification is required in many states and for many jobs. Even if it is not required, it is a valuable credential because it indicates that the sterile tech has met a specific standard of excellence in the profession. It can open up more employment opportunities as well as the potential to earn a higher salary.

When techs participate in IAHCSMM certification programs, they gain more than just a certification. They gain skills that help them excel in their jobs; those skills can also help them advance in their careers. They gain practical skills, become more effective, and build their supervisory skills.

Your certification is valuable

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