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Surgical Techs Need to be Strong, but Not Physically Strong

What does a surgical tech need to succeed? First and foremost, a surgical tech needs strength, but physical strength is not what’s required here. In this job, a few different kinds of strength can help an individual excel.

Strong sense of self

Operating rooms can be stressful, especially during emergencies or major surgeries. Mistakes happen, and you can expect to receive some strongly-worded criticism from the operating surgeon. You need to be able to take criticism without getting flustered and learn from your mistakes. A strong sense of self is important because it will help you process criticism and learn from it; this will make you a better tech, and it will help you provide the best possible care for your patients.

This job is important, so scrutiny is to be expected. Docs will watch how you handle their demands in stressful situations. Do you properly set up equipment? Do you know how to prepare incision sites? Do you hand them the right tools? If you don’t have a strong sense of self, the scrutiny may be intimidating.

Strong stomach

This one isn’t surprising, given the nature of the job, but it’s still important to note. It isn’t uncommon to witness the sight of blood and organs – or possibly worse in emergency situations. Surgical techs need to have a strong stomach so they can remain calm and effective in situations such as those, while still being able to multi-task.

The surgical tech is part of a team in the operating room, and the role includes specific duties before, during, and after surgery. The duties during surgery may include retracting tissues, applying suction, or assisting with suturing. Weak stomachs don’t fare well in such situations.

Strong teamwork skills

The operating room isn’t a solo operation; taking care of patients is a team effort. Although surgical techs are not well known as part of the surgery team, their role is vital. They may be considered the backbone of surgery.

Surgical techs work closely with surgeons, registered nurses, and anesthesiologists to provide the best possible care for the patient undergoing a surgical intervention. It’s important to be able to function as a member of a team, including working well with others, following directions, and communicating.

Strong versatility

The operating room can be unpredictable. From last-minute room changes to medical complications, surgeries can lead to all kinds of unforeseen circumstances, and surgical technicians need to be prepared to deal with them.

Although every day can be unpredictable, surgical techs are expected to think and react to situations quickly and effectively. That’s why versatility and flexibility are so important; clearly, this isn’t the job for someone who craves routine, predictability, and sameness.

Are you considering a career as a surgical tech?

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