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Healthcare Jobs You Can Start in Two Years or Less

When some people choose new careers, they have a long journey ahead of them to reach their new professional destination. There’s good news for some people interested in healthcare careers: that journey may be considerably shorter. In fact, for some healthcare jobs, people can start in two years or less.

Surgical tech

Surgical techs are essential members of operating room teams. They have specific duties before, during, and after surgery. They function under the supervision of surgeons and registered nurses, performing duties that are vital for surgical patient safety and care, such as preparing and maintaining sterile fields; passing instruments, sutures, and sponges; and functioning as a key part of the surgical team.

Given the scope and responsibilities of the job, it’s to be expected that educational programs for this profession are rigorous; however, the programs may be completed in around one year. During that time, students in the program attend classes and participate in clinical rotations which will give them an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom and clinical laboratory.

Medical assistant

Medical assistants perform a dual role: they assist physicians in the examination and treatment of patients, and they also perform routine office tasks. In this role, they have interaction with patients, as well as other staff members. It can be a great position for people who prefer a variety of tasks during the workday.

Medical assistant education programs provide people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well in all aspects of the position. Students graduate prepared for employment in clinics, hospitals, and particularly, in medical group practices, where both experience and expertise in clinical skills are required.

Registered nurse

Nurses are among the most well-known members of any healthcare team. Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups, and communities, sick or well, and in all settings.

When applying for nursing programs that lead to an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing, it’s important to note that applicants may receive credit for work experience and/or volunteer experience. Programs may have prerequisites for admission.

Sterile tech

Healthcare environments can have a wide variety of germs, and that’s why sterile techs are so important. They play a vital role in hospital and ambulatory surgery centers. They are responsible for the decontamination, preparation, packaging, sterilization, storage, handling, and distribution of reusable surgical instrumentation and sterile medical supplies.

Educational programs for this career are of relatively brief duration, but they prepare participants for extensive job opportunities in hospitals and surgical centers. Although sterile techs generally work behind the scenes, they make a critical difference in patients’ lives.

Ready for a career in healthcare?

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