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What Do Surgeons Want from Their Surgical Techs?

Handing instruments to a surgeon is an important part of a surgical tech’s job, but there are several other aspects of this job that are equally important. What skills do surgeons want from surgical techs?

Technical knowledge

A surgical tech has to know the operating room and everything in it. During an operation, it’s commonly the surgical tech’s job to operate suction machines, sterilizers, lights, and diagnostic equipment. In addition, the surgical tech has to know how to help patients, as well: beyond checking charts and vital signs, the surgical tech provides emotional support an often-anxious patient.

Attention to detail is a very important part of this job. This is true of many jobs in healthcare, but it’s especially true for surgical techs because they are key players in the defense against germs. From overseeing the thorough cleaning of the operating room to making sure all instruments are properly sterilized, the surgical tech helps prevent infections.

Emotional intuition

Although the operating room can be a tense and stressful environment, there are also times when it’s acceptable to converse with colleagues or even talk about pop culture or tell a joke. It’s important to note, though, that this situation can change quickly. When an operation takes a turn, you need to react swiftly and adjust your technique accordingly. Knowing how to read a situation like this is sometimes known as emotional intuition.

Sometimes, that turn happens in an instant, and the surgical tech must react accordingly. Situations can change in the blink of an eye, and you need to be ready to make the proper adjustments. There may be instances when there isn’t time for anyone to tell you what to do. This is true for situations related to emotional intuition, but it may be true in a broader sense, as well: if a minor surgery suddenly becomes a life-and-death situation, the surgical techs must be prepared for all the ramifications of that.

Flexibility and adaptability

The operating room can be a stressful, high-pressure environment, especially during major surgery or in a life-or-death situation. It’s essential for surgical techs to have the ability to cope with any situation that might arise during an operation; to that end, they must be team players, well-organized, and adaptable.

Surgical techs have to expect the unexpected. You need to be able to think on your feet and keep calm, no matter how intense the situation may be. The unexpected is inevitable in the operating room, and the key is to quickly get yourself a step ahead.

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