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Three Steps to Being a Great Co-Worker in the Healthcare Industry

Have you ever dealt with a co-worker who was rude, unprofessional, or didn’t work well with others? If so, you know how frustrating and demoralizing it can be—and you know how much it can affect others. What qualities do you value in a colleague? Here are a few tips to help you be a great co-worker.

Treat Co-workers As You Would Like to Be Treated

How do you like to be treated? Do you appreciate it when people are rude to you? Remember your basic manners when you are interacting with everyone, whether they are the top doctor, your supervisor, your peer, or the newest intern. In other words, treat people as you would like to be treated. This is true even on hectic days, when everything seems to be going wrong, and when obstacles keep popping up.

When you treat someone with respect, as you would like to be treated, it makes that day better, but it makes the overall work environment better, as well. Implemented consistently at work, respectful actions help ensure a respectful, considerate, professional workplace. You can be certain that a respectful workplace brings benefits for all stakeholders. That makes every day better, and it makes the environment better for patients, as well.

Be Professional at all Times

Some work environments are more formal, and others are more relaxed. Regardless of the atmosphere, it’s important to adhere to certain standards of professionalism at all times. For example, it’s important that you avoid making overly-personal statements about appearance, steer clear of physical contact beyond a handshake or pat on the back to avoid the potential for misconstrued intentions, and don’t talk down to colleagues or place them in subservient roles.

There’s another thing that you should avoid if you want to maintain professionalism: gossip. Gossiping is a mistake in any job. If you are around people who are gossiping, try to change the subject, or simply say that you don’t want to put other people down. Engaging in gossip may seem like a small thing at the time, and it may feel like a way to belong, but it seriously erodes the image of professionalism.

Work as a Member of the Team

When you work with people, it’s important to think of yourself as part of the team. You need your co-workers, and they need you because healthcare isn’t a solo endeavor. It’s important to be a team player and to be courteous, kind, and helpful toward your co-workers. If you don’t cooperate with others, your healthcare facility won’t function smoothly.

Reliability is an important part of being a team player. Follow through on your commitments and responsibilities. Keep your word. You’ll earn your co-workers’ respect when they know they can count on you.

Are You a Great Co-worker?

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. Are you a great co-worker? If not, these tips can help. Would you like to meet some great co-workers? We can help; call us at 310.436.3650.