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Building a Personal Brand in Healthcare: How to Do It in 2019

What’s your personal brand? Some people associate their personal brand with their online presence, but it’s more than just the articles you post and the things you share on social media. Others associate it with their style or personality, but it’s more than that, too. Here are some tips to help you build your personal brand.

In-Person Brand

What image do you present? Is your style professional? You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and just follow the crowd. Find your own style and create a new set of footprints for others to follow in. Your style can be an important part of your brand; if your appearance is neat and professional, it may help you come across as professional, organized, and well prepared.

You’re not a one-dimensional person, and it’s important that you don’t have a one-dimensional brand. If you show only expertise, you may appear knowledgeable, but it won’t show why people might enjoy working with you. If you show only personality, it won’t show what skills you bring to the table. A great personal brand shows off expertise and personality. Your personality and expertise are both part of who you are, and both should be part of your brand.

What stands out about you and how you work? Your personal brand should highlight your strengths, establish a reputation, build trust, and communicate the unique attributes that you bring to your current (or desired) industry. Your brand can be very helpful to you at any point in your career.

Online Brand

As you start thinking about building your online brand, it’s also important to think about your current online presence. Take some time to search your name on Google and see what information comes up, what key things are missing, and what needs to be taken down.

There are so many options when it comes to social media. You don’t have to establish an account on every site, but there’s one you should definitely consider. LinkedIn serves as a professional social media tool and is the ultimate site for defining your brand. The best way to use this network is to participate in groups, make introductions with people who interest you, and ask for (and give) recommendations.

No matter where you are on social media, it’s important to remember that your online presence is part of your brand. Always strive to offer content that educates, adds value, and entertains. Social media is the ultimate extension of modern-day attitudes. Personal brand building doesn’t happen overnight…but it’s well worth the efforts for you and your business.

Have You Begun Building Your Personal Brand?

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