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5 Tips on How To Land Your First Healthcare Job

There are many healthcare careers on the rise. If you are a new graduate and looking to land your first healthcare job, there are likely many opportunities for you to try. Check out the five tips below for landing your first healthcare job. 


1. Network.

It may be cliche, but the hiring process can be about who you know. For example, if you work in healthcare, you likely did clinical rotations at local healthcare organizations. This is an essential time for networking, as you probably met the unit manager and other healthcare professionals who worked there. If you trained at a facility you found yourself wanting to work at, consider reaching out to contacts you met as a reference or advice. And if you are still in school or training, use your clinical time to help build helpful contacts for later. 


2. Polish your resume and cover letter.

Your resume and cover letter provide a potential employer with information to help you stand out from the crowd. Use these tools to highlight any training or certifications you have relevant to the position(s) you are applying for. Indeed, the popular job site explains how cover letters allow you the opportunity to connect key points on your resume and provide more in-depth information on key highlights.  


3. Niche down your expertise.

Job searches can be overwhelming, especially with the number of open positions. Consider which specialty areas you would like to work in and apply in those areas. One of the great aspects of working in healthcare is you can always change specialties later. Sometimes leadership may look unfavorably on candidates who mass apply to every open position. Applying within a specialty or two shows interest in the role. 


4. Know what credentials are needed.

Many positions will help you get necessary certifications on the job, such as Basic Life Support (BLS), or others you may need for a role. However, you should know what sort of credentialing is needed before applying for a job. For example, if you are a new graduate and haven’t passed a licensing exam yet, it is important to know if you can start training at a new job before you know the results of any licensing exams. Many healthcare licenses don’t cross all state lines, and you should know where your license is valid if you are applying in multiple states.  


5. Consider your first contract staffing job.

As a new graduate, you may be unsure where exactly you want to work. Typically once you have a year of experience, you can apply for a contract staffing position with an agency like 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. This allows you to see other parts of the country and experience how different facilities operate. You may find you love traveling and contract staffing, or you may choose to take on regular employment with a facility instead. 


If you are a healthcare worker, the sky’s the limit with opportunities. Take the leap and explore open positions with a national staffing company like 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. They can help you find the right fit to give contract staffing a try!