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3 Tips to Improving Your Bedside Manner

How healthcare providers and medical staff interact with patients is integral to a patient’s healthcare experience. Patients in the hospital are often experiencing health issues and are in a vulnerable position. Establishing an appropriate bedside manner is crucial in ensuring patient needs are met. Here are three tips for improving your bedside manner to provide the best patient care.

Practice Open-Ended Communication

Working in healthcare means working in a fast-paced environment. However, giving patients the time needed to address their concerns is essential. While you need to be efficient, it is also important to allow your patients the opportunity to talk and ask questions or explain their health concerns.

Open-ended communication means asking questions without a simple “yes” or “no” response. For example, instead of saying, “is your visit today because of leg pain?” you could ask, “I see your leg is hurting again. Can you tell me about this and any other concerns you may have?”. Open-ended communication helps to establish trust and allows the patient to feel cared for.

Use Simple Language

Healthcare has a language all of its own. For example, when healthcare providers use terms like “bowel movement,” “tachycardia,” or “arrhythmia,” others on the healthcare team may know what you are talking about, but your patient may not. Further, the patient may feel too embarrassed to ask. Therefore, it is important to use clear language, like “poop,” a “fast heart rate,” or “irregular heart rate,” so the patient understands the discussion.

Ask the Patient if They Have Any Questions or Concerns

Being a patient can be overwhelming. Patients may feel too overwhelmed or anxious to ask questions or clarify information. Providing them the option to ask questions and explaining how to reach the provider if they think of questions later, allows the patient to be a part of their care.

These three tips can help improve your bedside manner and build your patient’s trust in you. A study from 2021, conducted by Indiana University on bedside manner, discussed how patients intended to adhere to their treatment plans better when they perceived their provider as having a good bedside manner.


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