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What’s to Come for Surgical Techs in 2023 and Beyond

The New Year is often a time to evaluate new goals and where you hope you are professionally and personally going into the next year. As 2022 wraps up and we head into 2023, here’s what to know about working as a surgical tech.

Surgical Tech Job Prospects

Like most jobs in health care, working as a surgical tech provides decent job prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) describes a job growth of 6% through 2031. The BLS anticipates each year, there will be approximately 9,600 new positions open for surgical techs and surgical assistance through 2031.

Is a Job in Surgical Technology Right for You?

Most surgical techs work in a hospital setting, per the BLS. Surgical techs spend much of their shift on their feet and do various jobs as part of a healthcare team. A surgical tech may help prepare a room for surgery, prep patients for procedures, and assist surgeons, among other tasks.

Surgical techs are vital team members and are important in ensuring procedures and operations go smoothly.

Becoming a surgical tech typically requires an associate degree. The Association of Surgical Technologists provides more information on accredited schools and how to find one.

Consider Contract Staffing as a Surgical Tech

Healthcare workers are needed throughout the country. U.S. News and World Report described the shortage of healthcare workers as a top safety concern of the nation. This shortage has opened up several doors for those interested in contract staffing. If you are already working as a surgical tech, working as a contract surgical tech may be a good fit.

Maybe you’re interested in seeing another part of the country, or you’d like to stay nearby but work at a different hospital. There are countless opportunities for those willing to help fill staffing needs across the country.


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